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Accessibility Theory Essay

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Accessibility Theory
Accessibility Theory is a model of attitude and behavior of relations. In the Accessibility Theory attitudes will predict behavior if they can be activated from memory at a time of decision. In order for this to transpire, the attitude must come spontaneously to mind in a memory. Second, the attitude must influence perceptions of an issue or person serving as a “filter” through which the object is viewed. (Fazio & Roskos –Ewoldsen, 1994 P. 85) Accessibility Theory complements the Reasoned Action Theory and the Theory of Planned Behavior approach because people carefully consider the consequence of behaving in a particular manner and weigh out the pros and ...view middle of the document...

Accessibility Theory can be used to describe customer satisfaction and loyalty to brands. Research has conveyed that customer loyalty is largely influenced by attitudes toward brands. In an empirical study, findings of evaluations based on direct experience were more accessible from memory than those based on direct experience. One of the possible evaluations based on direct experience is customer satisfaction, Fazio and Zanna (1978, 1981). If Fazio and Zanna’s theory hold true customer satisfaction should brand loyalty more so than brand attitudes that are formed by indirect experiences. However Berger and Mitchell (1989) found that indirect experiences such as advertising hold just as true as direct experiences. Customer satisfaction is defined as an evaluative summary of direct consumption experience based on the discrepancy between prior expectation and the actual performance perceived after consumption (TSE & Wilton, 1988; Y1 1990). Satisfaction is derived from past experiences and because of this it influences a person in his or her next action. In this case purchasing or post purchasing a brand.
Loyalty is also a consequence of satisfaction and brand attitudes. Dick and Basu (1994) defined loyalty as a behavioral response that is expressed over time through the decisions that were made and its alternatives. This describes brand loyalty because it may be a reason for repurchasing an item from a specific brand because of past attitudes associated with it. However loyalty does not work in all cases other factors may be involved such as budget, inconvenience, and inaccessibility. Involvement on the other hand makes it easier for brands to be accessible, by offering sale promotions, coupons, rebates and price redactors. In contrast, natural sources of personal relevance are relatively stable and personally relevant knowledge are derived from past experiences and stored in long term memory. Involvement had often been regarded as one of the important moderators that determine purchase decisions (Celsi & Olsen, 1988). Involvement is generally defined as perceived personal relevance and is classified as either situational or enduring.
In this study involvement was tested by asking a total of 100 participants in the general population ages (19-55) to rate products in household and cosmetic categories in terms of importance, value, interestingness, want, necessity, relatedness, and meaningfulness using the scale of involvement constructed by Zaichkowsky (1985). The scale contains some adjectives classically associated with a state of involvement, and others normally associated with the measurement of attitude. The results from the experiment were product involvement was higher in cosmetics than household goods. Cosmetics are purchased for social reasons (personal appearance) and participants may have relied more heavily on external indicators. Research shows that high involvement is usually greater in categories other...

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