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Access To Care Project Essay

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Access to Care Project

Lane Community College

William Bennett
Scott Dawson
Shana Perkins

Assigned scenario:
Summer is a 15 year old sophomore at South Eugene High School. She is 5 months pregnant. She lives at home with her parents in a home near the corner of Potter Street and 21st Avenue. Summer and her boyfriend would like to keep the baby. Summer’s boyfriend Jake is talking about moving into Summer’s parents’ house but Summer’s parents are not so sure that they want Jake living with them.
a. What prenatal resources are available to Summer?
b. How much will prenatal care cost?
c. Is it likely that Summer’s prenatal care and the baby’s medical care be covered ...view middle of the document...

Women receive prenatal care and maternity case management during their pregnancy, which includes education on the physical changes of pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, childbirth, infant health and parenting. Breastfeeding support and education and postpartum care are provided after delivery of the baby. ( Another excellent resource for at risk children, including pregnant teens is Relief Nursery Inc. ( with two locations located at 1725 West 25th Ave. and at 125 East 8th street. Relief Nursery has operated in Eugene for over thirty years and is focused on working with families to promote child welfare while keeping the families together. The organization serves over 1000 families in the community each year. In addition, after the loss of the Birth to Three Program locally, Relief Nursery has partnered with Healthy Start of Lane County. This program provides weekly home visits, parenting education, and support to first-birth parents. The program is called Parenting Now and can be found at 86 Centennial Loop in Eugene or on the web at In my research I also learned that Summer would not qualify for services at Volunteers in Medicine and that our local Planned Parenthood does not offer prenatal care.

Summer is in her Sophomore year at South Eugene High School. She will Give Birth in January. I contacted the health clinic at SHS and was referred to the school counselor for information about the Teen Parent Program in Eugene School District 4J. I learned that the program, formerly located at Churchill High School in west Eugene, had moved much closer to her SE area home and is now housed in the Parker-Ellis Elementary site at 3875 Hilyard Street and was renamed 4J Young Parent Program. I met with Shea Donnelly who is the program supervisor and learned about how this program assists teens who become pregnant while in the Eugene school system. The first step for Summer is a meeting with her school counselor. During this meeting the counselor will offer her and her parents a referral to Julia Johnson, the Outreach Coordinator for 4J. If they accept the referral Ms. Johnson will contact the family with information about the 4J Young Parent Program and discuss other community resource options. Pregnant teens are automatically granted a transfer to the program if they wish to enroll. She will also receive an enrollment form for the state funded Healthy Start program locally. Parenting Now has a free educational program for Summer and Jake called the Young Parent Program. It is open to first time parents between the ages of 12 and 21. After their baby is born classes continue to be available based on the age of the child. The group program provides opportunities for Jake and Summer to meet other young parents and build community. This would also be a place where they could discuss their plans to live together in Summers parent’s home and receive advice and support in...

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