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Access Control Methods For Companies Essay

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1. Shovels and Shingles is a small construction company consisting of 12 computers that have Internet access.
For this scenario, I would implement Discretionary/Software controls. With software controls you can determine who has the appropriate permissions to access the 12 computers and with Discretionary Access Control (DAC) allows each user to control access to their own data. DAC is typically the default access control mechanism for most desktop operating systems. Which is appropriate for the company because they are desktop dependant. This allows for enforcement of a good security policy.

2. Top Ads is a small advertising company consisting of 12 computers that have Internet Access. All employees communicate using smart phones.
For this scenario I would implement Role Based/ Software controls. With software controls you can determine who has the appropriate permissions to access the 12 computers as well as the smartphones ...view middle of the document...

Also Physical controls to protect the room the servers will be placed in. Mandadory Access Control would be the other Access Control to be used. Mandatory Access Control secures information by assigning security levels to information and security clearances to users. The data’s security level indicates its sensitivity. All users have access to only the data for which they have a clearance. This allows for enforcement of a good security policy.

4. Backordered Parts is a defense contractor that builds communications parts for the military. All employees communicate using smartphones and email.
I would apply Physical controls to protect the parts as well as Software controls for the smartphone and email use. Again I would also use Mandatory Access Control With MAC, policy rules describe the circumstances in which access is allowed, and the operating system imposes these rules. These Policies can be written to restrict access in many ways, such as limiting access to information based on the time of day . Also, users can write to a higher classification, read from a lower classification, and read and write objects of the same classification. Administrators, not resource owners, generally set and change the resource’s security level MAC is suitable for extremely secure systems, such as multilevel secure military applications and mission critical data applications.

5. Confidential Services Inc. is a military-support branch consisting of 14,000,000 computers with Internet access and 250,000 servers. All employees must have security clearances, and they communicate mainly using BlackBerry devices and email.
For this scenario I implemented Administrative controls to assign security clearances to the appropriate employees. Logical/technical controls as well as Software for the BlackBerry and computer use. I would also apply Physical controls to protect the servers for the company. Mandatory Access Control should be used also because it secures information by assigning security levels to information and security clearances to users. The data’s security level indicates its sensitivity. All users have access to only the data for which they have a clearance. Being a military contractor This allows for enforcement of a good security policy.

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