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Accepting Personal Responsibility For My Education

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Accepting Personal Responsibility for my Education
November 11, 2013

Accepting Personal Responsibility for my Education
Success is built on courage, hard work, and personal responsibility. Far too often failure is blamed on outside influences whereas the true answer lies within oneself. My success as a University of Phoenix (UOPX) student is my personal responsibility and I realize that I need to manage my time more efficiently as well as become more organized in my personal life to become a successful student.
“Personal Responsibility is the quality or state of being accountable, an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or account for ones actions.” ...view middle of the document...

This will assist me in being successful in my degree program.
I may become overwhelmed and not be a successful college student unless I manage my time efficiently and become more organized in my personal life. Many people unrealistically believe that time is a product that cannot result in deficit (Kay, B 2011). She suggests that instead time should be viewed as power that can be conserved (Kay, B 2011) I plan to keep a detailed daily planner that will include my work schedule, doctor appointments, events I plan to attend, meetings, classes and of course, study time. I cannot cut back on my work schedule at this time but I will find other areas to free up some time. One area would be household chores; I plan to delegate chores to each household member so that I will not need to spend so much time completing these tasks myself. I also plan to become more organized by preparing myself for the following day before I go to bed each night. This may take an extra 15 minutes each night but will save me a minimum of 30 minutes each morning. I will also start keeping a list of things I need to accomplish and I will give myself a specific amount of time to complete each task.
There is a direct correlation between personal responsibility and my college success. I realize that developing self-discipline and self-control will have a major impact on the grades I get and the quality of my education. According to a survey performed by a group of college professors from different institutions to see what the most important skills would be for business students to possess the top three skills needed to be successful were “critical thinking, comprehension, and effective communication” (Jance & Morgan 2013). With this awareness I will work on...

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