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Accenture Marketing Essay

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Running head: Accenture

Marketing Management

Mini-Case Analysis: Accenture

I. Major Problems / Concerns

Who: Accenture gained its independence from its former parent company Arthur Andersen in 2000. Accenture is the world’s largest: management, outsourcing and technology consulting firm.

What: Following their independence from Arthur Andersen the company began the critical task of determining a new brand name that would translate around the global that would target senior executives of their current client and prospect populace.

Why: Accenture had to take quick and decisive measures to ensure they successfully branded a worldwide company brand ...view middle of the document...

” The move was a stroke of genius by Accenture’s marketing department. This transition was smooth and delivered a similar message of high performance without having to reinvent the company’s branding entirely.

Statement of Secondary Problem

Accenture opted to drop product spokesperson Tiger Woods following news of martial issues as a result of infidelity. Tiger Woods enjoyed a period of career and personal success and was considered to be a media darling that was unstoppable. Tiger Woods’ golfing career includes winning 95 tournaments and 14 major championships and product endorsements for high profile companies such as Accenture, Nike and Gillette with reported earnings of well over $100 million dollars a year. (Miller & Laczniak, 2011). In late November of 2009 news reports following a one vehicle accident inside Tiger Woods’ gated subdivision resulted in speculation regarding the athlete’s personal life. The news media became obsessed with the story as the accident had opened up the door for speculation regarding Mr. Woods’ seemingly perfect life. His wife was on the scene immediately following the accident reportable beating out a window of Mr. Woods’ SUV with a golf club. Initial reports buzzed this was an attempt by Mrs. Woods to assist her husband following the accident. Soon reporters began asking questions and gathering details on Mr. Woods’ private life that would soon tarnish the once perfect image that was Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods seemingly had the perfect life, a long term successful career that appeared to have no signs of slowing down, what appeared to be the perfect young family with a beautiful wife and two small children. Isn’t this everything that most American’s hope and strive to accomplish? Yet with bad decision he tossed it all aside. The perception would soon become if he would choose to have extramarital affairs with a string of women over a happy family life with his fashion model quality wife; what would he really know about making good decisions in regard to selecting other products and services? With his track record why would American’s trust his ability to make a rational judgment on what constitutes a quality product?

Accenture prides itself on offering wise counsel to its client base, so it was a logical for the company to end the endorsement contract between Tiger Woods and Accenture as Mr. Woods’ actions did not indicate wise decision making abilities in his personal life. Accenture was quick in making this decision approximately two weeks after the notorious one vehicle accident.

II. Significant Factors Moving Forward

The company is well positioned as being one of the worlds’ largest integrated consulting, technology and outsourcing firms. The outlook for this industry looks promising with speculation that cloud computing service will be in heavy demand by business consumers. As the author has previously discussed many in the...

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