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Acca Entry Essay

3850 words - 16 pages

ACCA Qualification – Entry Requirements

The basic entry requirements for each country are listed alphabetically. To find your country please click on the appropriate section below:



Antigua and Barbuda

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso

Central African Republic
China, People’s Republic
Congo Republic
Congo, Democratic Republic ...view middle of the document...

e. Unit 1 and/or Unit 2. Each component unit can be | |
|accepted as achieving 1 unit. | |
|  | |
|PLUS | |
|  | |
|3 subjects in Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) (General | |
|Proficiency Grades 1-3 from 1998; Grades 1 & 2 prior to 1998)| |
| | |
|OR | |
| | |
|3 passes at GCE O Level (grade C or above) | |
|  | |
|N.B. Passes must be held in English and Mathematics at the | |
|appropriate grades above at either O'Level or CXC level. | |

July 2013




|Qualification |ACCA |
|Bachiller Técnico |Insufficient for Registration |
|Bachillerato |Insufficient for Registration |
|Bachillerato Especializado |Insufficient for Registration |
|Técnico / Técnico Medio |Insufficient for Registration |
|Técnico Auxiliar |Insufficient for Registration |
|Titulo Perito/Perito Mercantil |Insufficient for Registration |
|Técnico Superior |Sufficient for Registration |
|Técnico Universitario (semi-professional title (Enfermera - |Sufficient for Registration ...

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