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Acc 7148 Case Study

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Sales and Distribution (SD) Case Study
This case study explains an integrated sales and distribution process in detail and thus fosters a thorough understanding of each process step and underlying SAP functionality.

SAP ERP G.B.I. Release 6.04

The data entry requirements in the sales & distribution exercises (SD 1 through SD 8) were minimized because much of the data was stored in the SAP system. This stored data, known as master data, simplifies the processing of business transactions. In the sales order process, we used master data for customers, materials (the products we sold) and pricing to simplify the sales order process. In this case ...view middle of the document...

Then, you receive an inquiry which you will process into a quotation. Once the quotation is accepted by the customer you create a sales order referencing the quotation. As you will have enough bikes in stock, you deliver the products sold to your customer, create an invoice and receive the payment. The graphic below displays the complete process (17 tasks).
Process description


Page 2


Create New Customer

Task Create a new customer. Short Description Use the SAP Easy Access Menu to create a new customer. Name (Position) David Lopez (East Rep. Miami)

Time 10 min

In this case study, we will create the master data for a new customer. Two types of customer data are stored about a customer – sales data and accounting data. The customer master data is created in three groups, or views – general, accounting, and sales. Customers can be created centrally, meaning that all views are generated concurrently, or responsibility can be distributed so that different personnel in the accounting and sales areas are responsible for creating and maintaining the data in their respective views. For this task, central creation will be used to enter all of the needed data to define a new customer. To create a new customer, follow the menu path:
Logistics ► Sales and Distribution ► Master Data ► Business Partner ► Customer ► Create ► Complete
Menu path

This will produce the following screen.


Page 3

CASE STUDY Select Sold-to Party for the Account group. Enter US00 for Company code, UE00 for Sales Organization, WH for Distribution Channel, and BI for Division. After clicking on , the following screen will appear.

Select Company as Title, enter The Bike Zone for Name and ### for Search term 1. Remember to replace ### with your three-digit number, e.g. 003 if your number is 003. Then, enter 2144 N Orange Ave for Street, 32804 for Postal Code, Orlando for City, US for Country, and FL for Region. Then click on the expand icon to access additional street address fields. Scroll down and click on the search icon next to the Transportation Zone field. This will produce the following pop-up window.

Company The Bike Zone ### 2144 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32804 US

Double-click on Region East to select it. Clicking on Company Code Data will produce the following screen.

Region East


Page 4


Enter 110000 for Recon. account (reconciliation account) and 001 for Sort key. Then click on the Payment Transactions tab. After entering 0001 for Terms of payment and clicking on the Sales Area Data button, the following screen will appear.

110000 001


Make sure USD is entered for Currency and 1 is entered for Cust.pric.proc. Enter 1 for Cust.Stats.Grp, and then click on the Shipping tab. Fill in the following data.

USD 1 1


Page 5


As shown above, enter 02 (normal) for Delivery Priority, 01 (standard) for Shipping Conditions,...

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