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Acc 260 Week 8 Assignment

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As CEO, I have heard and understand all the concerns from each stakeholder of the company.
For the employees, I understand the concern you have of the sonox being possibly leaked into the water supply, but there is no evidence that this is coming from just us, as we are in proper government regulation guidelines for emissions. There are other factory’s around the area that produce this chemical as well so further research needs to be done in order to provide a link between the two. If the link does connect the company to the sonox issue then proper action will be done. I know that the shutdown of the company would definitely hurt you, the employees, financially so I appreciate your support in keeping the factory open until a link has been found.
As for the investors, I know you are concerned about the pollution as well but I assure you that all ...view middle of the document...

As for the citizens, I understand that you are scared and upset about the health issues within your community and there being a possible link between us and the sonox poisoning but there is no evidence that it is coming from us because there are other factory’s within the area that produces this chemical as well. There are steps being taken to provide a link to the culprit of the pollution and if it turns out it is us, then we will take proper action to create a “closed cycle” procedure to fix the issue but at the moment, we are following government’s regulations and legally are not doing anything wrong. As research is being done, we will discover whether new regulations will have to be put into place, or if it is another company altogether but we will keep you informed on the information we gather from further research.
As for the legal counsel, you agree that we are following proper procedures and there is no evidence linking our company to the sonox poisoning. More research is being done to see if there is a possible link to our company but no such evidence has been found yet. I understand the concern that if it is us, and the public knows, then there will be law suits brought against the company for the people that have gotten sick from the sonox and this could cause a lot of issues but since there is no concrete evidence, I appreciate the support on keeping the company open.
As CEO, my final decision is to agree to continue collecting data and investigating the issue further but will not admit fault to the sonox poisoning because there is no evidence that it is us because there are other factory’s around that produce the same chemical. Until there is a direct link, I won’t close down the company, putting 500 workers out of work, losing possible investors, and losing money over something that hasn’t been proven. Unless evidence comes back showing that we are the culprit then appropriate action will be taken, no matter the lose that will be taken to create a “closed cycle” procedure for the company.

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