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Acc 260 Fully Applying A Decision Making Framework

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Applying a Decision-Making Framework

1. Who are the stakeholders involved in this decision?
The stakeholders that are involved in the decision making process would be Linkage Construction Inc.
2. What are the ethical issues involved?
The ethical issues this are involved in this scenario is that Anne Distagne, the CEO of the construction company say that the ...view middle of the document...

Anne suggested that Sue, the company accountant, agree to her story about the company’s construction jobs are not as far as they should be, and accept a lower percentage of expected profits on the remainder of the jobs left in the year. Anne also asked Sue to take $124,000 and fabricate a more flexible duct system for several of the jobs that are now being worked, out of job costs in inventory and expense them immediately. Anne told Sue that she works for Linkage Construction Inc, so basically she need to do what she says and revise the figures, as to what Anne wants them to read.

3. What should Sue do?

Sue should let Anne know that she is an accountant first and her professional deeds come before any job, and just turn her report into the company as what it should read, with the money that has actually come into the company. Sus needs to explain to Anne that she has a job to do and not to be disrespectful to the CEO of the company in which she is working for but she needs to make the right ethical decision for the company.

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