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Academic Writing Essay

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Academic Writing – Final Report
The Experience of Studying Aboard

Title: My love, my dream, Kyoto

In 1492, historically famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus finally

discovered America. At that time, people who were with Columbus even did not

know about the geographical locations of not only America but also around the

world. On the book “Book of Privileges” written by Christopher Columbus on

1502, it said that on the boat of voyage, there was only 3 things; Eagerness to

find the new world, crews, and me (Christopher Columbus). The reason they could

find the new continent was just the one. They had definite purpose on their own

mind. They already ...view middle of the document...


grandparents were spent their early days in Kyoto, because my grandmother was

married to Japanese labor. Since I was young, every day I heard stories about

Japanese culture and technically advancement when I am going to bed. From that

time I had lots of curiosity on Japan. The curiosity finally leads me to have

dreams for studying at Japanese University.

To accomplish my dream, I did my best on my high school life. Finally I could accept to Doshisha University. That was not my end of dream. After I get in

to the University, I could have more dreams: to be an internationalized person. I

think by spending my university life by myself on abroad, I have grown up

physically, mentally, and emotionally. Until, high school days, school provided me

a meals and school bus, and parents provide me a house to live in. I do not really

need to do a part time job, so all I need to do was just concentrate on studies.

Starting to study on abroad, in Kyoto, all the circumstances changed. I have to do

all the things by myself.

First, I could grow strong in health than when I was in my homeland, Korea.

When I decided to go to Japan, my parents were worried about my health

problems. They thought that if I live alone, I would not have meals regularly and

also due to lack of exercise, I might be sick. By living alone, I recognized that I

am the only one who has to take care of it. If I am sick, there is no one, who

could bring me to the hospital. I had to take all responsibilities of myself. From

that time, I decided to have meals and to go fitness center regularly. Due to

regular life and customs, my physical capacity has extended.

Second, there are many benefits for learning 2nd language. As I mentioned,

before in March, I even did not know hiragana and katakana. I was afraid to talk

with native Japanese, because I cannot speak Japanese well. This kind of fear

leads me to have amotivational syndrome on learning Japanese. On the book,

“How to learn 2nd language”, there is saying that amotivational syndrome is

psychological condition associated with diminished inspiration to participate in

social situations and activities. The book regulated this syndrome kind of mental

disease. At first, I just thought that it was certain phenomena that lots of

international students confront with when they learn second language. As time

goes by, I could notice the seriousness about this situation, so I used school

consultant. The consultant said that, the strange and new environment gave lots

of stress to me, so that might lead me to have amotivational syndrome. At first

they recommend me to have medicine or...

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