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Academic Performance Related To Study Skills

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Effective Study Habits and Study Skills Mean Good Grades Now
Effective study habits and study skills lead to good grades.
One can, also, reward students for better grades. However,
never forget that making learning fun so children discover
learning is fun will create the most return over the long
term, as far as learning and better grades are concerned.

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Although effective study skills and study habits result in better
grades, do you know what effective study habits and study skills
are? They are regular, consistent study habits that good students
use every time they prepare for a test or do homework. In this
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way to confirm that he is paying attention is to check with
the teacher. A second method is visiting the class and
seeing for yourself. Another way is to make sure he is
regularly answering and asking questions in class. Hence,
when he arrives home, ask him about his class participation.

Your behavior demonstrates to the child you are interested
in her getting good grades.

Study skills training, chiefly, occurs at home. Parents must
assure that their children have a regular place and time to
study. They must see to it that their children are studying
at that regular time and place as well.

It is important that children begin their studies soon after
arriving home, with no noise or distractions to interfere
with their doing homework. A desk, adequate lighting,
quiet, and a comfortable chair are a good start. Giving
school studies the highest priority at home causes children
to give it a high priority too, and learn effective study

Homework should be prioritized, with the most difficult
tasks completed first, while the child is fresh and alert,
or, alternatively, waiting until a parent arrives home to
tackle an especially difficult problem.

A consistent plan is the heart of effective study habits
and will insure your child gets good grades.

Parents must use their own judgment to determine, for
example, if the children should play for a short time,
after school, before commencing their homework, or if they
should dive into it immediately, and how long study breaks
should be. What is best will be determined by what works
for your...

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