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Academic Effects Of Alcohol Consumption Essay

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Academic Effects Of Alcohol Consumption
Shannell Richardson
Lindsay Barrow
May 10,2000
Econ 312; Prof, Wolaver

Academic Effects of Alcohol Consumption
In recent years, college students are consuming alcohol at increasing rates.
According to the Harvard School of Public Health CoUege Alcohol Study (1999), 44% of
the students surveyed were binge drinkers and 23 % were frequent binge drinkers. Binge
drinkers are often associated with a higher probability of experiencing alcohol-related
problems such as violence, car accidents, injuries and the tendency to disregard academic
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This survey concluded that
binge drinking was associated with greater weekly drinking and a range of negative
consequences. It was found that college students show particularly heavy use and abuse
of substances and drinking among college students appears to be on the rise. The
convicted surveys suggest that over 80% of college students drink alcohol and that 15 -
25% of college students engage in heavy or problem drinking. Among the consequences
of heavy drinking were poorer grade point averages, increased likelihood of missing
classes, and an increased probability of having hangovers. When asked if heavy drinking
led to poor performance on a test or important project, or a missed a class, binge drinkers
were significantly more likely to report experiencing consequences in all of these areas
than were non-binge drinkers. Out of the respondents of the 1996 survey, 30.6% of the
binge drinkers' school performance was affected by alcohol consumption while only
8.9% of non-binge drinkers' school performance was affected. Students who reported D
and F grade point averages consumed an average of eleven alcoholic drinks per week,
while those who earned mostly A's consumed only three drinks per week.
The 1998 University of Kansas Survey of Alcohol Use results correspond to those
of the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey. It was found that students reporting a grade point
average ofD or F consumed an average of 25.3 drinks per week. This shows even more
prominently that increased drinking has a negative effect on grade point averages. In
addition, the study revealed that 41 percent of respondents missed class due to drinking

and 72 percent reported having hangovers. Thirty-seven percent of respondents believed
that alcohol makes it easier to deal with stress. The survey also discovered that 33 percent
of the respondents' studying was interrupted by others' consumption of alcohol.
To demonstrate the costs and benefits of alcohol consumption related to
academics, we will employ the Grossman model. According to this model, those
individuals who invest less in their health early in life, will be less successful and will not
be as productive as those who invest more early in their lives. Relating this prediction to
our study, it can be argued that those who consume more alcohol will be less productive
academically than those who consume less alcohol. We will assume that non-
consumption of alcohol is positively related to health investment and that alcohol
consumption decreases the students' health capital through long-term effects. The effects
of alcohol consumption in the long run include but are not limited to "liver cirrhosis and
other diseases, neurological disorders, cardiovascular damage, pancreatic disease, [and]
fetal alcohol syndrome"(Quick Facts about Alcoholism, 2000). The time lost to alcohol
consumption and its immediate effects is shown as a decrease in the time allocated to
education. These...

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