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Academic Autobiography Essay

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Black or Hispanic?
It seems easier to define me as your typical African American girl. I was born in Camden, New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Although being in the “African American” group is amazing, it’s only a group I’ve been placed into. It’s obvious I’ve been placed in this group because of my appearance and where I’m from, but our cultural backgrounds are much different. The group I was born into is the “Hispanic American” group. I am Dominican Republican and Panamanian.
Being Hispanic wasn’t something I chose, it was something I was born into. My mother is Dominican Republican (Taíno). She was actually born in the republic, but her family moved to New York for better ...view middle of the document...

Living in New York I spoke Spanish the most, but when I moved to Oklahoma, I spoke and still speak mostly Portuguese. I used to have the weirdest accent, but when we moved to Oklahoma I learned how to speak without it.
Music is one of the many ways my family and I connect. When I lived in New York, there was a block party every weekend. When you walked outside your house all you could hear was Merengue being played, and you could see people dancing and eating. Merengue is upbeat dance music. I remember when I was about 5, my mom and dad taught my brother and I how to Merengue. I was standing on my father’s feet and trying to learn the pattern. I kept laughing at my brother because he kept stepping on my mother’s feet, and stumbling over his own. Another style of music we listen to is Bachata which is sad, blues type music. I’m more into the Dominican rap music and Reggaeton. I like those musical styles more because they’re more modern and it’s what people my age like to listen to.
When we would have our weekend block parties, a lot of the women would get together and cook up a lot of food. Even though a lot of us were from different Hispanic backgrounds, most of the foods we ate were the same. The only difference was the name of the food, but that didn’t stop us from eating. We ate everything from Sanacocho, which is a like a stew made with different meats, to Pasteles, which is similar to a tamale (my favorite). My mother used to make Pasteles for everyone all the time, my dad loved them because it was a dish my grandmother used to cook for him when he was younger. My abuelita (grandmother) used to make us Frio frios, or snow cones. Those are so good. She also used to make us batidas, which were smoothies; I didn’t really like those though. Even though I live in Oklahoma, and we’ve picked up on new foods, my mother still cooks us Hispanic dishes often.
It’s nothing like sitting around with your family watching a good soccer game. I love watching my family scream GOAL!! When a team scores. I’ve never really been into soccer, but watching it with my family is the best. Listening to them cheer, argue about who the best players are, and making small bets with one another is priceless. My family is also very fond of baseball. That is a sport that I can’t get into. I don’t understand it and it seems boring to me. Baseball is my father’s favorite sport. The sport that we all like is basketball. I can watch that all day. I used to play as well. I wasn’t very good, but I wasn’t the worst player either. My favorite team is the Boston Celtics. It’s not a Dominican Republic team or a Panamanian team, but it’s my favorite. Sitting around watching sports with my family is relaxing and I think it makes us closer. I know my father and I have gotten closer because of it.
As far as religions go I’m Christian. My mom and dad are Christians. We’re Baptist to be exact. Most of my family is Christians, but some of them are Roman Catholic. Christians and...

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