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Academic Advisor To Athlete's Essay

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Virginia University of Lynchburg Academic Advisor for Athletics

Strayer University-Professor Frankenhauser Bus 520

Virginia University of Lynchburg Academic Advisor for Athletics

In this paper I will discuss and explain the variety of motivational theories and job design considerations. To include, how workplace stress contributes to individual performance along with how the communication process has an impact on an organization. I will use resources to research issues in organizational behavior. Lastly, I will clearly and concisely talk about the organizational behaviors.

The mere definition of an Academic Advisor for Athletics is a professional who promotes the integrity of ...view middle of the document...

The Virgina University of Lynchurg is is a private, historically black university located in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university currently offers instruction and degrees, primarily in religious studies, including a Doctorate of Ministry program. Virginia University of Lynchburg is the oldest school of higher learning in Lynchburg. The school was founded in 1886 and incorporated in 1888 by the Viginia Baptist State Convention as the coeducational "Lynchburg Baptist Seminary". Classes were first held in 1890 under the name Virginia Seminary. With the offering of a collegiate program in 1900, the name was again changed, to Virginia Theological Seminary and College. In 1962, the institution was re-named to the Virginia Seminary and College. Finally, in 1996, the school was given its current name. Since the name change 1996 the campus life and student enrollment has increased by alarming numbers. In the fall of 2011 VUL has added collegiate sports for the first time since 1954 on campus. Wth the annagural year of collegiate sports returning to the college, VUL has added several male and female spors to compete in the CIAA Conference.

With an alarming influx of student arrving on campus to play sports and other for education, student athlete’s must be held accountable by the NCAA standards along with the athletic standards of VUL. This poses various objectives and boundaries to overcome with new psositions being created and filled by post graduates of VUL and other colleges nationwide.
Goal seeting is a vialbe part of this postion for both the advisor and the students invovled for the reasoning with this being a new position at the University along with new sports programs and new students to the campus goal, setting would be the road map for success. With each short term goal being set for example recieving each student transcripts from past school, to ensuring each student being enrolled in the proper classes for completion of their major, to scheduling weekly meeting with the students and facultiy of the univesity. In using the common political tactis such as seeking consel, strong communication, compromising, showing confidence,being maneuverable and always being the boss would help elimiante some of the daily stressor of the new position. Not to forget meeting and exceeding the NCAA standards for student athlete’s while attend school and playing collegiate sports. A success model was developed that states: “Our Success Model recognizes that to maximize shareowner value we need to ‘win in the workplace’ in order to ‘win in the marketplace,’ and we must do both with integrity.” The mission and Success Model are based on three core values that include statements on character, competence, and teamwork.(Hellriegel, Don Organizational Behavior,2012).

In filling the position of VUL’s Academics Advisor for Athletics it is very important to have seeral stress management tools in place that will be emplenmented by the staff and...

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