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Abuse Reporting

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What constitutes as child abuse? Accoding to Texas Child abuse laws it states, “Inflicting or failing to reasonably prevent others from inflicting mental or emotional injury impairing child's growth, development, or psychological functioning; physical injury resulting in substantial harm, or which is at variance with explanation given; sexual abuse, exploitation, use of controlled substance resulting in mental or physical harm to child Family 261.001 et seq.” (Find Law, 2009) Mandatory reporting includes anyone that is in contact with children including teachers, nurses, doctors, day care employees, employees of state-licensed or certified organizations. (Find Law, 2009)
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This means that the elderly individual:
(1) Has the right to make the individual's own choices regarding the individual's personal affairs, care, benefits, and services;
(2) Has the right to be free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and
(3) If protective measures are required, has the right to designate a guardian or representative to ensure the right to quality stewardship of the individual's affairs.

Spousal abuse is another name for Domestic Abuse and according to Texas states “Chapter 5, Code of Criminal Procedure: Family violence is a serious threat to society and its members. Victims of family violence are entitled to the maximum protection permitted by law.”
Code of Criminal Procedure Title 1. Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 5. Family Violence Prevention
Art. 5.01. Legislative Statement.
(a) Family violence is a serious danger and threat to society and its members. Victims of family violence are entitled to the maximum protection from harm or abuse or the threat of harm or abuse as is permitted by law.
(b) In any law enforcement, prosecutorial, or judicial response to...

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