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Abrahams Promises Essay

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Abraham's Promises
Samantha Langford
Fr. Joe Hirsh
World Religions
May 10, 2009
Regis University

Abraham's Promises
In this we shall discuss and review some areas of conflict as well as the covenants, circumcision, characteristics, and touch on the roots of Abraham. Abraham gave his life to obeying God and his word and finding favor in God’s eyes. Abraham received plenty from the Lord just for his obedience as well as his descendants.
The covenant is a basic agreement between two parties. Some covenants often promise rewards or blessings for people who agree to keep the covenant. In the past covenants were sealed by blood or animal sacrifices. ...view middle of the document...

From the Old Testament the covenant between Abraham and God for the promise of land was the earliest to be recorded (Campbell, 2009). Although the covenant of marriage is considered a covenant with God and Adam and Eve were technically married so that leaves us to question about which was the first covenant.
The Israelite religious identity is the sign of circumcision. The sign of circumcision from Abraham through his descendants, slaves, and any male member of his household must be completed as observance and obedience from God. Circumcision is the identity and sign of faith. Abraham displayed perfect obedience through the practice of circumcision. The fulfillment of fertility was the promise of Isaac.
The everlasting covenant between God and Abraham was the fertility promise. A sign of the promise was the name change between Abram to Abraham as the father of multitudes of nations. The Israelites and Ishmaelite were the start of his descendants. Isaac and Ishmael were both blessed. Isaac received the birth right as natural son of Abraham and received the descendants blessing while Ishmael received the blessing of father of twelve princes and a great nation provided they keep the covenant as well as their descendants. Abraham was to walk before God and be perfect and not fall into the violence of the human race. As long as there are Jews there will be a covenant with Abraham (Harless, 2009). The promises or covenants in the past are still in effect today, and one must choose between their faithfulness and their identity with God to practice circumcision for God has not forgotten his promises. The circumcision was to be a symbol of covenant as well as a condition (Harless, 2009). Although the Jews did not perform the circumcisions while they journeyed into the Promised Land they performed the circumcision once they arrived into the Promised Land.
Abraham had characteristics of what was considered to be an idol worshipper before turning into a monotheist. Abraham understood that there was a divine being and was even in prison for his belief. The king was afraid that Abraham would corrupt his people so he was banished to Syria and all possessions were acquired by the king. He was the first to publish the notion of only one God our Creator of the universe (Harless, 2009). Abraham and God became close and he appeared to him giving him revelation. One may believe that his trust and faith in what was seen and what was not gave God the desire to increase his possessions and descendants. He displayed traits of mercy, grace, forgiveness, and charity as well as loves for his people and speaks on their behalf. Abraham displayed the obedience when placing Isaac on the altar showing selflessness and righteousness. There is no answer to why God would choose Abraham he was chosen by God for his reasons all we can do is speculate and give our opinions. The revelation that we are all chosen by God to do exactly what we are doing and what our outcome is to...

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