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About Rak Ceramics Essay

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About Company

RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited, a UAE-Bangladesh joint venture company, was incorporated in Bangladesh on 26 November, 1998 as a company limited by shares under the Companies Act 1994 and started its commercial production on 12 November, 2000. The Company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of ceramics tiles, bathroom sets and all types of sanitary ware. Within the short span of eight years RAK has firmly established itself as one of the leading manufacturer of high quality ceramic wall, floor tiles, gres porcellanato and sanitary wares products in Bangladesh. RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

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• In 2007, UK based Brand-Finance PLC rated the RAK Ceramics brand as one of the top four valuable brands in the UAE with a rating of ‘AA-‘.
• In 2008, a Washington DC, USA based Georgetown University has selected RAK Ceramics as subject of pedagogic case to form part of their course material for global manufacturing studies in MBA programme curriculum.
• In June 2009 RAK Ceramics has been awarded the “SUPER BRAND for 2009” by the council of SUPERBRANDS which is the world’s largest independent Brand arbiter,

Certain technology drivers & noteworthy achievement as follows:

• RAK Ceramics has been officially recognized as the world’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer by the Ceramic World Review, the best known and most widely circulated international magazine devoted to ceramic tile and sanitary ware production technologies.
• UAE operation is single largest ceramics manufacturing facility in the world.
• RAK Ceramics was one of the pioneers in installing unique equipment. It was the first company to install the largest press in the industry—the “PH 7200”—enabling it to produce ceramic slabs as large as 125 cm by 185 cm
• RAK Ceramics also offered several unique and proprietary technical products like luminous tiles (tiles that emitted light in the dark, which took two years and several trials to develop), antimicrobial tiles (tiles that inhibited growth of bacteria), and custom-made designs by water jet.
• The range of RAK Ceramics products is unmatched with over 6000 tiles models & over 600 sanitary models. Smallest mosaics of size 2 cm x 2 cm and tiles of 10 cm x 10 cm to the largest slab in the industry 125 cm x 185 cm

Nature of business
The core business of RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited is to manufacture and sell of tiles and sanitary wares. The company has over 1000 models active in the ceramic and porcelain tile business and regularly adds several new designs to the product portfolio. The company manufactures tiles in a very wide range of tiles in the sizes from 13 cm X 13 cm up to 60cm X 60cm in Bangladesh location. The company has over 40 models an exclusive range of sanitary ware to offer with a very wide choice. In sanitary ware various models are produced in wash basins (mounted as well as pedestal), water closets, bathroom sets, bath tubs, shower trays, bathroom cabinets, accessories and decorated sets.

Principal products and services
RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of tiles and sanitary wares in the ceramic sector of Bangladesh since 2000. Excellent designs and pattern can be created using specially selected wall and floor tiles, borders, corners, listellos and capping. Many of RAK Ceramics’ models come in modular designs, making it easier for the customer. The unique ambience patterns created using ceramic tiles and also Gres porcellanato tiles appeals most discerning customers. The company has two product lines, which are Tiles and Sanitary...

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