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About Pradeep Kashyap Essay

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Unit Code: MAR 602-6

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Pradeep Kashyap MART consultancy

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Unit Code: MAR 602-6

About Pradeep Kashyap Pradeep kashyap, the CEO and the founder of MART, is known as the father of rural marketing in India. He is currently the marketing consultant of the Ministry of Rural Development and has worked with the Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Minister Committees on rural development. He has also worked as a consultant in the World Bank and United Nations and was the Chairman of ...view middle of the document...

He also has pioneered another low price, walk rural distribution model by appointing village entrepreneurs on bicycles for several fast moving consumer goods sale. He has additionally pioneered the idea of ‘Inclusive Marketing’. Mr. Kashyap was invited to be the speaker, to represent the Republic of India, in an event at Cannes Lions in 2008 among the fifty world speakers that addressed the 2000 participants in France. His topic was about ‘Rural India: The rising Market’. He was also one of the speakers at a world conference in 2010 where he was promoting Chicago, by seeing the potential in the Chicago market when compared with the Indian market. He has also been invited to give speeches at the University of Cambridge and London graduate school in UK and was recently invited to talk on ‘MART – A lovable Organization’ by TEDx DECCAN and ‘Freedom from Poverty’ by TEDx KNOWLEDGE CITY. Pradeep Kashyap advises the future generation regarding Rural marketing. He said that rural marketing has a very promising future and it has great potential due to the fact that it is in its early stages and shows a lot of room for innovations and experiments. This is also a learning factor due to its market scope in the coming days, which will lead to a career development in this sector. Seeing the companies

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Unit Code: MAR 602-6

utilizing this market, this sector also has a social effect which helps in the development of the rural areas. Mr. Pradeep Kashyap is a very well known entrepreneur in today’s world, especially in India. He was able to get to this position because of his innovative ideas and genuine character. Even though he is at a high position and has the title of ‘Marketing consultant of Ministry of Rural Development’, Mr Kashyap still has the humble mind to think of the poor people of his country and look for ways to improve their quality of life. He is a man who has the qualities of a capable leader. He was able to recognize the value in other people and implement ways in which his business would prosper but also at the same time helped the poor people in the rural areas. He is willing to serve others without expecting anything in return. Mr. Kashyap is a confident man who was able to make his ideas a reality and implement them in such a way that it benefited not only himself but thousands of other people living in poverty. He was genuine and original in his ideas because he was the first to successfully come up with a plan that included the poor of the country. Many businessmen target the high income class but Mr. Kashyap is a visionary who thinks of others before himself. He is someone who inspires other people and is willing to help others to succeed. He is not the kind of person that is threatened by other peoples success. He didn’t just keep the secret to his success to himself, instead he held seminars and training sessions that helped other people learn from the various projects...

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