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About Dreams Essay

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Christian Dream Interpretation

Author Barbie Breathitt, described as a “respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God,” has just released a new book entitled “Dream Encounters,” in which she claims Christians can have access to a secret dream language that God uses to reveal “hidden knowledge” to believers. In this book Breathitt tells believers they will be enabled to use the “revelation” obtained from God through their dreams in order to unlock their “destinies” and live lives in which they are “productive, responsible, successful, prosperous, loved and fulfilled” (p. 138).i According to Breathitt, this is done by decoding information that God has “embedded” into our ...view middle of the document...

While in the New Age, I went down many different paths to seek enlightenment, truth, hidden knowledge and, yes, God. I sampled from a buffet of religious practices and traditions, including psychological self-help, Hinduism, Buddhism, mysticism, paganism, shamanism, astrology, trance channeling, reiki, dream interpretation, yoga, astral projection, runes, numerology, chakra meditation, visualization, fortune telling, tarot cards, psychic readings and on and on. But the problem with this freestyle way of attempting to approach God is that, at its core, it is pagan and therefore cannot give anyone access to God. However, this “freestyle approach” is also the chief allure of New Age Spirituality: one is encouraged to choose any path or practice that “feels good” to them, that makes them feel closer to “God,” and gives them a sense of purpose. What I know now is that without God’s “special revelation” of Himself through His Word (the Bible) I never could have come to the saving knowledge of God. The Bible distinguishes between “general revelation” (found in nature) and “special revelation” (found only in God’s Word) this way: “General revelation” is revelation of God found through observing nature and the surrounding world. While “general revelation” gives enough revelation for people to know that there is a God to whom they are accountable, it does not give enough revelation for people to actually be saved. This was why God was so elusive to me while I was in the New Age. I was getting vague, shadowy glimpses of God through the many occult things I did but was unable to get a true understanding of his character, nature and what He required of me. For this, I needed “special revelation,” found only in the Bible, God’s revelation of Himself, which teaches who He is and the way of salvation. New Age Spirituality, at its essence, is a pagan form of religion in that it can operate only within the realm of “general revelation.” Even though plenty of biblical terminology and even scripture itself is used in the New Age, salvation is found only through

faith in the atoning death of a Messiah who made propitiation, died and was resurrected—the correct view of Jesus that is clearly rejected by adherents of New Age teaching. Before we go further, let me define paganism and explain how I can make the assertion that New Age is pagan at its core. Paganism is often thought of as sort of a nature religion, something practiced by primitive people groups who live in grass huts in remote areas and who carve idols and literally look to “signs” in nature in an attempt to know God. But in another sense, every religion that is not Christian can be considered to be pagan; there are simply different “flavors” of it. All false religions attempt to come up with ways to “reach” God, whether through yoga, meditation and fasting (Hinduism/Buddhism); mecca, prayers, Jihad (Islam); meditation, energy work, spells (Wicca). Paganism, then, is the “default setting” of the...

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