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Abortion: The Wrong Choice Essay

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Abortion: The Wrong Choice
Tammy Edwards
September 15, 2010
Sunny Rowland

Abortion: The Wrong Choice
Nearly half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion (Guttmacher Institute, Incidence of Abortion, May 2010). Abortion should be made illegal, because a fetus is a baby, no person has a right to take another's life, and an unborn baby cannot make the decision to live or die.
A Fetus is a Baby
While some view abortion as something people should be able to choose, others say abortion is a great evil, which is destroying the moral fabric of society Cline (2010). Many of the arguments turn on the status of the ...view middle of the document...

From the perspective of the law, if a person commits murder, he or she is held accountable and punished. This fact definitely proves that it is wrong to take a person’s life. There is also another point to ponder; if a doctor accidently harms a fetus during a medical procedure he or she can be held liable. However, an abortion doctor is allowed to intentionally harm the same fetus and this is said to be all right. There is a fine line there and it should not be at all.
An Unborn Baby Cannot Make a Decision to Live or Die
An Unborn baby cannot make its own decision to live or die. Every child deserves a chance to live; it is not the child’s fault if the parent does not want to give birth to that child. Abortions sometimes happen because many women are afraid to step up to the responsibility of caring for a child, or maybe they are financially or mentally unstable. Nevertheless, many abortions take place simply because some women just do not want the baby. Using abortion for birth control is wrong and immoral but there are many women who still do it. People need to become educated in the truth and laws need to definitely change. There are too many abortions being performed and children are not able to have a chance at life. An unborn baby also cannot voice his or her opinion in the matter and is considered helpless to the situation. An abortion takes away a baby’s right to make the decision to live or die. Many people who are for abortions argue that abortion should be allowed in certain cases, such as rape or incest, or when the pregnancy could threaten the life or health of the mother.
These same people also say that abortion must remain legal because a woman should have the right to control her body and her destiny. This may be true for the mother but one must also consider the unborn child and its’ need for protection. A fetus is a helpless being; it cannot scream or get away when an abortion is being performed. The one who...

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