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Abortion (The Emotional And Psychological Impacts)

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Understanding Attitudes, Stigma and Counseling Methods associated with Abortions
Marsha Escayg
Medgar Evers College

The abortion rates in the United States is higher than that in most other developed countries. Although this fact alone requires attention, looking deeper reveals additional areas of concern. According to Greene this research is based on the different confinements on abortion that have been forced under the falsification that women may be ignorant, undecided or pressured as to their choice to end a pregnancy. Of all the health decisions women make in their lifetimes, their choice to end a pregnancy is among the most individual and socially challenged. What this article ...view middle of the document...

Finally what this research did is demonstrate the requirement for individualized methodologies to patient instruction and guiding in regards to abortion.
Despite the extensive rate of women influenced by the obligatory counseling that goes hand in hand with abortion procedure there are no studies assessing patients and the view of the counseling process. This study sets out to research clients’ responses to a women feminist counseling approach. As indicated by Gretchen women’s feminist therapy was started in the social equality and liberation development in the 1960’s. This kind of philosophical therapeutic intervention offers rise to the focus on regularity of the clients encounter instead of casing the involvement in the context of deviance. Because of this many women clinics where abortion services are provided use a feminist counsel method of approach. To effectively gather information a qualitative questionnaire was developed which indicated that the clients were satisfied with their feminist pre-procedure abortion counseling experience, it provided a friendly atmosphere, a feeling of acceptance, knowledgeable counselors and a normal experience.
Feminist counseling philosophies are women focused and are determined by the needs of the individual patient. What Gretchen research found is that in accommodating the state directing necessities counselors ought to gear each counseling session to meet the individual needs of every patient except also by specifically tending to the negative...

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