Abortion Should Remain Legal Essay

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Abortion should remain legal. Due to the fact that a universal definition of personhood will never be agreed upon, thus it should remain legal. For example, often when laws are passed that ban something that is felt to be a right, people will continue to act with it, like prohibition, but it would be in an unsafe manner. In order to protect the health and well being of pregnant women that wants an abortion, medical professionals should be legally permitted to perform this task in a safe way. As Warren argues that abortion is morally permissible up until birth as the fetus is not a person until this point.
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But, in the same breath viability does not have enough support behind it to hold just on its own. Such as in the future, if at some point we have the technology to keep young fetuses alive outside the womb. That would just cause more controversy as if abortion is acceptable but people would still do it if they really felt it needed to be done. Sentience is another valid point as if the fetus reaches a point in which it can have experiences such as pain. Sentience is seen in more developed fetuses such with the bright light example I mentioned earlier. This variable is still a questionable point though, because although the fetus can feel pain it is unknown if they have a thought process that has them thinking for continuation of existence. Yet the best point made is that of after birth abortion is the point of which to draw the line. This is due to the fact after the infant is born it is its own person and that falls in to the category of homicide. While warren argues that to an extent abortion is morally permissible, Marquis is against abortion all together with mild exceptions.
Marquis argues that abortion is as bad as if someone were to kill us. Marquis states that any fetus has just as much right to life...

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