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Abortion Is Always Wrong Essay

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“Abortion is always wrong” Discuss.
There are situations that even the actual birth of the baby will cause a serious problem to the mother. If we think about the case of a young teenage girl who get pregnant early, or the situation of a middle school girl who was rape, we would see it's very dangerous to force her to keep the baby. There could be serious repercussions if she does not get the nutrition she needs during her pregnancy or correct pre-natal care. Death rate during birth and chances for a premature or otherwise unhealthy baby is also dramatically higher among young mothers. We have no right to ask her to take a great danger just to give birth to unwanted child. We should respect ...view middle of the document...

We know that every month, the body of female produces a living egg. This egg is alive and has the potential to become a human being. It means if one woman has unprotected sex at a certain time, she will get pregnant. Then it means if she doesn't have sex at this month or she uses contraception while having sex, the eggs will not be fertilized and pass out of her body. Thus, she is a murder because she has taken away the life a living thing. So she should feel obligated to have sex at every possible opportunity because every time she does not permit the egg to meet the sperm, she prevents potential humans from being formed. If we follow the analysis of the anti-choicer, it sounds very ridiculous.
However it could also be argued that abortion is wrong for reasons beyond God's laws and moral obligation. The greatest anti abortion argument involves the topic of murder. Many people will say that women have a right to choose what goes on in their body. The problem with this frame of mind is that we are not separating two humans from one another. Yes, a woman has the right to choose what goes on in her body, but abortion is wrong because the baby is a separate human being. Another argument can be that the women should not have a right to kill her child. If murder is against the law,...

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