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Abortion Essay 8

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Life begins in the womb; an unborn baby is still a human that has every right to have a chance to live. Abortions have had a big impact on society, with people defending both sides. Abortions are wrong; the abortion laws should be changed or limited. I believe abortions should not be allowed to be performed on just anyone who wants one. I believe that abortion is murder and there are many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Although I do believe there are certain circumstances where a woman should be allowed to have an abortion.
Abortion is murder. Abortion is murder because, killing another human due to careless personal actions is wrong. It should not be allowed for a ...view middle of the document...

If people were responsible enough to use birth control this would not be a big issue in today’s society. If they are not responsible enough to use one of the many methods out there, they should not be able to take an innocent life, they should have to deal with the consequences of their actions.
Finally if the baby has already been conceived there is another option to look at, without killing it. Adoption is a good choice to turn to when there are so many families out there that cannot naturally conceive a baby. It is a win-win situation to give the baby up for adoption. While not taking an innocent life and taking responsibility for personal actions a life is saved. If a woman is not financially or mentally stable to take responsibility for a baby, giving the baby up for adoption is the best solution.
Some may say that it is a woman’s body, and it is to a certain extent. She is taking somebody else’s life. If some man in society were to kill a pregnant woman, he would surely be punished for both deaths. I do not find it fair, that a woman may kill an unborn baby without being punished. Pro choice people may argue that it is not an actual baby, but when in fact at 8 weeks body organs are present. It has a heartbeat and a face like a human, with a heartbeat how can it be called “a mass of tissue?” It is a human, not an alien. Nothing should deserve to die like aborted babies do. A growing fetus or growing baby, it has a heartbeat and internal organs and does not deserve to die for no reason.
There should be laws that limit abortions. It is a...

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