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Abortion And Utilitarianism Essay

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Abortion is a widely controversial topic, which can be viewed from many different perspectives and moral theories. I will primarily concentrate on Judith Thomson’s view of defending abortion and provide further insight on her stance as it pertains to Sarah’s case. As well, I will also approach Sarah’ case from Susan Sherwin’s perspective and input aspects of my own opinions to support Sherwin’s argument.
Judith Thomson claims in her article that women should have the right to choose to having an abortion under the assumption that personhood begins at the moment of conception (Thomson, 152). Common arguments for abortion come from the idea that personhood does not begin right at ...view middle of the document...

She would have to sacrifice majority of her academic career if she were to proceed with the pregnancy. Moreover, with respect to care ethics, Sarah is potentially jeopardizing her relationship with her boyfriend if the pregnancy is not terminated since they have not deliberated about having a marriage or raising a family (Warren, 147).
According to Sherwin, it would be morally adequate for Sarah to terminate her pregnancy. This situation plays perfectly into Sherwin’s argument that ready access to abortion supports women’s independence by allowing Sarah to continue with her doctorate degree, as well as continuing to work as a teaching assistant without having to be interrupted in her educational career. I would also argue that in terms of the utilitarianism perspective, Sarah and her boyfriend would be at the greatest benefit if she terminates her pregnancy because it would allow them to finish their educational career, and would not have to be interrupted in their future profession to bring a child into their lives.
Furthermore, utilitarianism would support the couple’s decision to have the pregnancy...

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