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Abortion And The Risks Essay

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Abortion and the Risks

Abortion: a topic most people would rather stay away from. In a research done by the Department of Health And Human Services there’s estimated to be forty two million abortions worldwide yearly(Reardon 1). According to Linda Bird Francke “one third of women who get an abortion in the United States are nineteen years old or younger“ (178) .Incredibly five percent of that is fourteen years old (Francke 178). Unfortunately the number of abortions has been rising up significantly since 1970. The problem today is that a large percent of people look at abortion as a common thing to do. What they are really doing is rejecting a new life into the world. In my ...view middle of the document...

After her marriage she conceived, unfortunately it was a premature birth and the infant died due to various complications with its health. The doctors assumed it was linked to her abortions several years in the past.

It is a known fact that women who do get an abortion don’t simply become happy with their decision. Regret is easily one of the most common emotional side affects, “The mother or the father can regret the decision to terminate the pregnancy, thus affecting the relationship” (Luker 2). Depression is also another side affect, it can change your life and actually deliver severe emotional pain. In an oppressive situation the worst outcome is some women decide to commit suicide. For example, “Women who had an abortion face a two hundred forty-eight percent greater risk of suicide, accidental death or homicide in the following year, accordingly to a newly released 13 year Finnish study” (Smith 1).
Teenagers are at the most risk with this predicament. Inexperienced with life and difficulties they don’t know what to do. They feel shame, discouraged, scared, depression and that’s why they turn to abortion. In fact most teens don’t tell their parents they are pregnant, thinking that their family will kick them out of the house. Other times they are afraid that they will get beaten by their parents. So thinking that there’s no other solution the only way out they see is getting an abortion. Teen abortion carry various risks, “ Studies have proven that abortion may lead to an increased chance of breast cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, depression, and the contraction of the Viral Hepatitis, and not to mention death from bleeding or other...

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