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Abortion Essay

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Abortion: Why Women choose Abortions
Tanja Bell

Women who choose to terminate pregnancies are from many different racial and social economic backgrounds. Women take on so many responsibilities and are often faced with many choices. One major important private choice women often have to make is the choice to give life or abort life. Women who have abortions age backgrounds vary some age groups are having more abortions than others. The overall U.S unintended pregnancy rate remained stagnant between 1994 and 2006, but unintended pregnancy increased 50% among women with lower incomes, while decreasing 28% among higher income women. Women have abortions for many different reasons ...view middle of the document...

(p.1). When abortions are performed after 21 weeks it is either because of the cost or transportation. Medicaid insurance offers assistance to pay for abortions to low income families, many abortion clinics even give discounts to families who qualify. Eighty three percent of women who get abortions are not married; 67% have never been married and 16% are separated, divorced, or widowed. There are less separated, divorced or widowed having abortions for several reasons. Thirteen percent of women who have abortions say they are born again Christians, 27% of women who have abortions say they are Catholics. Women who obtain abortions represent every religious affiliation (Dudley,1996).
Now, the reason women have abortions,women have abortions for many different reasons. The choice to have an abortion should be up to both parties and should be a personal choice. Ultimately the choice is the women’s because it is her body. The reason most women have abortions is birth control failure. When a couple is protecting themselves to not have a child they terminate the pregnancy because of a unwanted pregnancy and contraceptive failure. Birth control and contraceptive are not 100 percent safe to prevent pregnancy there is the one percent possibility. So birth control and contraceptive failure being a common reason woman choose abortion is not a surprise. “Over half of all women who have an abortion used a contraceptive method during the month they got pregnant.” (webmd,2011). Certainly an unwanted pregnancy would be a reason a women would terminate a pregnancy. Often times a women may not have the desire to be a parent or may feel that she just is not ready to be a parent. Also there is the possibility of not being able to support the child. This is also a common reason women make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. The inability to provide or support your child financially would disappoint any parent.
Another reason women terminate their pregnancy is being aware that their child will be born with birth defects. Women are naturally caregivers and may not be able to care for a child with special needs or may not be able to afford the care that will be needed for the child. Also because women are caregivers they just may not want to bring a child into the world to go through even more triumph.
The final reason a women may want to terminate a pregnancy is that she may have been violated by an attacker or a family member. Often times women are unable to put aside the feelings and emotions or thoughts of how their child has been conceived.
Finally, while the choice to have an abortion is a hard decision for others, for some it may even be an easy choice. According to Glamour magazine(May 2009) women who have had the procedure agreed that women don’t discuss how they decided whether or not to end a pregnancy- how it felt and how they recovered, physically and emotionally; how they look back on their choice as the time passes. Considering some women may...

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