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Abolition Of Terror Essay

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Abolish Terrorism and Save Lives

Terrorism by definition is the ‘use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims’.

Think terrorism or terrorists and the picture that comes to mind is that of a hooded person brandishing an automatic AK47 or a Kalashnikov rifle and the background littered with bloodied bullet ridden bodies. Or, news headline, screaming of death and destruction, because of some fanatical suicide bomber. The word terrorism seems to have embodied itself in this cliché, which is definitely true in the conventional sense. But dig a little deeper and terrorism takes on a whole new garb, a disguise not very recognizable.

Global terrorism-much of it a part ...view middle of the document...

Women are punished with lashes, stoned even beheaded if found unaccompanied by a male guardian-compulsorily a relative. This I say is terrorism, yes it is.

Closer home, in India, self proclaimed saviors of society and guardians of culture, herald the arrival of a new brand of terrorism. This terrorism sniffs out the lives, though not literally, of its own kin, using Weapons of Mass Destruction. The ammo for these weapons is culture, language, region in fact anything are reason enough. Organizations like Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, Bajrang Dal, and Sri Ram Sene etc. ‘use violence and intimidation in pursuit of some political aim’. Artists works are destroyed ‘for sullying Indian culture’, women are beaten up for entering pubs, even dedicated educationists are harassed and humiliated, just for not being conversant in the local language. Their souls die a hundred deaths after this humiliation. This is also terrorism, yes it is.

Political parties, turning a blind eye to genuine progress and sabotaging government sanctioned plans of companies like TATA for its NANO project. Issues are raised, lives are lost, and factories are besieged until they are forced to relocate. All this while a majority of the populace is in approval of the project for the benefits it will bring including employment coupled with economic growth. This is also a ‘use of violence and intimidation for some political aim’. This is also terrorism, yes it is.

To save lives a lot is needed to do away with this facet of modern warfare-terrorism. Most importantly, a strong political will is needed to abhor the use of violence, as violence only begets violence....

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