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Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Abnormal Behavior in the Media
Donna Scott
Ashford University
August 27, 20122012
Learning and Assessment for the 21st Century

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In today’s word Psychologists apply several criteria, individually or in combination, to determine if behavior is abnormal. Based on behavior which is: unusual, socially unacceptable or a violation of a social norm, faulty in the perception or construal of reality, significantly distressing to the individual. Psychological disorders are exhibited throughout all genres of the media industry that is used to store and deliver information or data. For audiences, disturbances of psychological functioning and ...view middle of the document...

I see it as problem because observers apply experiments to one side or the other of perceptual psychology is that experimentation often lacks a consistent tone. This leaves much of the field open to questions about the validity of the experiment itself. The absolute individuality of humans and how they perceive their environment is difficult to measure in a clearly scientific manner. Thus, any experiment will need to take both the inconsistency and the experience of the humans into account prior to achieving a successful result.
One of the biggest challenges comes with experimenting with babies. It is crucial that tests for perceptual psychology be done in the same developmental stage. This is because the growth process will negate the results due to the expansion of their perception capabilities. Of things in life who do in
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life is raising and teaching children is two of the most exciting and fulfilling things children can receive from their parent and caregiver. This is especially true of children’s early years, when developmental changes are particularly dramatic as new abilities constantly emerge, change the way little ones relate to the world and our interaction with them. The difference among newborn babies who spend much oftheir time sleeping and eating, the toddler who can walk around and explore the world, and the preschooler who can use sentences to talk to friends are remarkable.
In the first six years of life, children undergo extraordinary changes, and the development is divided into six stages as well. Every child is different; and each stage has its particular challenges, as children grow and develop at different rates. Many factors can attribute to the developmental rates from one child to another. Infancy is the development period that extends from birth 18 to 24 months of age. Infancy is a time of extreme dependence on adults. Many psychological activities are just beginning language, symbolic thought, sensorimotor coordination, and social learning. Development is the pattern of change that begins at conception and continues through the life span. Most psychologist recognize that it is unwise to take and extreme position on the issue of nature and nurture, continuity and discontinuity, and early and later experiences. Piaget opened up a whole new world of looking at infants by describing how their main task is to coordinate their sensory impression with the motor activity. However some cognitive changes occur earlier than Piaget thought, and some of Piaget explanations for the cause are debated. A special component of a parent helping her child meet development goal is bonding, the formation of connection, especially a physical bond between parents and the newborn in the period shortly after birth. Some physicians believe the period shortly after the birth is critical in development. During this time the parent and the child need to form an emotional attachment that provides...

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