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Abc Television Research Paper

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The ABC television network of Australia is a free to air, advertisement free television station. This research paper questions the thoughts of the Australian community on their views towards the ABC television network to find out whether it is considered a valuable ingredient in the Australian media circle.

The ABC was first founded in 1932, and currently consists of radio, television, news and retail. In the time since its inception, ‘the ABC has grown remarkably’ (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008). This ...view middle of the document...

From its early start, ABC television went on to grow and expand over the years, and in 1965 the logo for ABC television was born. ‘This logo, after some modification over time, became one of the most recognisable logos in Australia’ (, 2008). In 1975, ABC television changed from black and white to colour screening, and in 1993 changed to ‘broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instead of closing for the early hours of the morning’ (, 2008). ABC has since developed a second television channel, called ABC2, it was created in 2005 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008), and is only available on digital television. The ABC’s head office is in NSW with 64 state offices and 41 stores Australia wide (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008). The ABC television network has registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority for a Code of Practice in regards to classifications and viewing guidelines (ABC Documents, 2007).

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the question that will be researched is ‘What is the community’s view of the ABC television network?’

In an attempt to find this out, an independent survey was conducted on 30 citizens at Stud Park shopping centre in Rowville, Victoria. The majority of the people answering the survey questions appeared to be between twenty to thirty five years of age, often with small children. Only a handful of respondents looked to be older than fifty. The survey was conducted face to face in a friendly and non-biased manner. Additionally considered, were the results of television station rating surveys previously conducted on a much larger scale by Oztam (Australian Television Audience Measurement). These results have been analysed by comparing 2007 to the same period of time in 2008.

The results of the above mentioned independent survey demonstrate that only 43% of people questioned watch the ABC television network. Of those 43% of people who watch the ABC television network, 46% watch a regular show that they make a point of watching; the other 54% watch the station on a random basis. 100% of people who watch the ABC television network think it is a valuable television station, and 100% also believe the network caters to many different individuals and not just one particular group of people. 92% of people who watch the ABC television network think it is up to date with other television networks and only 31% of people who watch the station think there are assumptions in society that the ABC television network is not as good as other networks such as Seven, Nine and Ten. It is also worth noting that only 23% of respondents that watch the ABC television network have Foxtel in their homes. The results of this survey on the remaining 57% of people that don’t watch the ABC television network are as follows. 29% of people that don’t watch this station believe that the ABC is a valuable television station, 47% think it is not a...

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