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Abc Inc Case Study Analysis

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ABC, Inc.’s new campus recruiter Carl Robins has found himself to have over looked some important details of his new hires orientation. If he can’t resolve these issues in a timely manner, Carl will not be able to hold orientation June15, like Monica wants. The deadline is closing in and there are some problems that need quick solving, since Carl is new to his position, he is still worried that he may not have the answers to fix the issues at hand. Seems Carl may not have been as organized as he could have been and necessary key aspects are missing. He finds himself frustrated and knows there is very little time to get these things done. Staying focused and calm, while being pro-active will ...view middle of the document...

” (Hicks, 1999,). Carl can also use this information to help strengthen ABC’s hiring protocol and allow for fewer mistakes next time. These mistakes may not fully be because of Carl. Since we have found what the issues are; getting completed applications for all of the new trainees, get transcripts on file, required drug screening, three training manuals with several missing pages, and the training room was booked, the next step is find solutions that will fix these problems in a timely manner. Issues are not necessarily a bad thing. It allows a company to notice there are some key issues that need to be addressed. There may not have been notice of issues before and everyone can use this to improve the company. Also, there might be other unknown issues that need looking into that could help the company even more.
First, Carl needs to contact the drug screening facility to ensure that they can accommodate the 15 new hires in the allotted time frame and who needs to schedule the appointments. Depending on who needs to make the appointment, Carl will either make the appointments or obtain a phone number and address to give to each new hires. Upon contacting each new hire, Carl will then provide that information and also address the issue of missing paperwork. While there is a time limit on getting these done, Carl should stress the importance, yet understanding, to have these completed upon arrival for orientation. As Carl is working on getting in contact with each new hire, he can note any conflicts a new hire might have. This may help with other new hirers or in future hiring. Not having the proper applications, transcripts or drug screenings for each new hire could lead to someone not being hired or paid. This could lead to financial issues for the company or even legal trouble.
Once he has contacted the drug screening facility and each new hire, Carl can then work quickly on his next issue, finding a location to hold orientation and training. While Carl knows the room is already booked for the entire month of June, he should talk with Joe and see if maybe they could work out a time frame to share the room. This may not work, so Carl should also think of alternate locations to hold training. With it being a group of 15 new hirers, Carl may be able to use a conference room or use an area of the office that could handle the small group. There is also the possibility of having the orientation and training at a different location all together. There are plenty of other businesses that have large conference rooms available to rent out. “Many alternative solutions should be generated before evaluating any of them. A common mistake in problem solving is that alternatives are evaluated as they are proposed” (Beecroft, 2013,). So, Carl should consider all of his options first before he takes action on any of them. This way once on fails he still has other alternatives to quickly go to, instead of having to use more time thinking of ideas. Being able...

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