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Abc Corporation Case Study

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The CEO of ABC Corporation hires you to advise on how ABC will be placed in the
best position to maximise its performance and to maintain long-term competitive edge. Read
the following facts, and give her comprehensive advice.

CASE STUDY : ABC Corporation
The CEO of ABC is clearly a highly motivated individual who has worked hard to build her
business and values hard work from those in the organisation. She takes pride in “leading
by example” by working long hours and still getting involved on the technical side of the
business, making sure that they “get the job done right the first time”. She clearly values
productivity and profit. She maintains that she would not have built the ...view middle of the document...

This, in turn, as I see it, causes
managers lower down to mimick this behaviour (and perhaps to think that it is almost
expected of them). Where such negative behaviours are allowed to prevail, I believe that it
can be seriously demotivating for staff members. I have seen this (in combination with other
factors) lead to the resignation of a number of my colleagues.”

One thing that is clear to the CEO is that ABC tends to lose most of its staff after 1-2 years
of starting there. When they leave, they are interviewed and have little good to say about
their experience of working at ABC. However, they generally do not complain about
anything in particular either. If there were any major issues surely they would say
something? ABC also has a system of one-to-one meetings in place so that managers and
those “under their supervision” (as she puts it) can communicate about where they are and
where they are going with their work. If targets are not met, the managers must find out
why, and find ways to improve performance and to meet the prescribed deadlines. Her
senior staff in the different divisions must review the minutes of these one-to-one meetings,
and so keep track of what is happening and how staff members are performing. If targets
are not met, it should be easy to identify who is to blame. The problem individual/s must
then meet the challenge and perform on the relevant project, or they must be appropriately
reassigned. The...

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