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Abc Company Essay

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The following pages of your Career Report present 22 broad occupational categories, or “job families,” and a number of specific occupations and show how they rank in popularity among ISTJs. This ranking is based on information from a sample of more than 92,000 people in 282 jobs who said they were satisfied with their jobs. There were 11,410 ISTJs in this sample.
The chart on the next page shows the popularity of 22 job families among ISTJs divided into three groups: those most attractive to ISTJs, those moderately attractive, and those least attractive. The longer the bar on the chart, the more attractive the job family. Those job families listed as most attractive to ISTJs offer the best opportunity for you to find an occupation in which you can use your natural preferences and be satisfied. Those job families listed as moderately ...view middle of the document...

You should also explore job families in the “moderately” and “least” attractive sections if they appeal to you or you would like to learn more about them.
The following pages list specific occupations ranked by their popularity among ISTJs. The most popular occupations are shown first, followed by the least popular.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
Working with Your Job Families and Occupational Lists
␣ When comparing job families and the two occupational lists, it may not be entirely clear which occupations fit within which job families. For example, does a particular health care occupation belong in Health Care Support or in Health Care Practitioner and Technical? To help you see the relationship, a “Career Trends” summary is provided with your most popular occupations list.
␣ If you would like more information about how job families and specific occupations are related, you can go online to and click on “Find Occupations.” On the Find Occupations page, go to the pull- down menu “By Job Family or All Occupations.” When you select one of these categories, you will be provided with a list of all specific occupations within that category, each of which is further explained.
␣ You may notice what appear to be differences between your general and specific lists. You may find a specific occupation ranked higher or lower than you might predict based on the ranking of the corresponding job family. This can occur because the number of specific occupations in an O*NET category ranges from 14 to 237! And not all the specific occupations found on the O*NET database are used in your Career Report. Only those that had a large enough sample of satisfied workers could be used. Think of the job families as an average. There will likely be specific jobs that are a good fit for your particular preferences, even though the job family may not be all that appealing to most persons of your type.

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