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A World Of Hate Essay

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A World of Hate
Ever wonder what influences a hate crime? Crimes committed through acts of violence because of differences sometimes result in fatalities. It is because of one’s belief, morals, feelings and teachings that influence hate toward others. Populations such as race, sexuality and religion are targeted by hate crimes because of bias, discrimination and prejudice which encourage hate.
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, hate crime is defined as any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender or sexual orientation). Diversity plays a major role when ...view middle of the document...

Hate groups are created because those affected find that this is an alternate family in which they will be accepted and be heard. Hate groups become violent when they feel threatened by a certain group of people such as when black people move into white neighborhoods or interracial marriages ( In these cases, hate crimes are committed to send a message, defend the beliefs of the aggressors or even as a “thrill seeker” to the group. The thought of intimidation by blacks living in the same neighborhood as whites or interracial marriages/relationships sparks the fuel for violence toward these individuals. Reaction to these types of events are done to send the message that they are not wanted there and that they shouldn’t be there or be living as they are. Hate groups will do whatever it takes for them to defend their beliefs and prove what they feel is the right way. When the offenders feel as if people that are opposite of them are violating their ways of life, the threat of retaliation fills their hearts and minds. With hearts full of evil, the main objective is to prevent social progress among those of the opposite race. Aggressors seek to put an end to the progression of anyone who they feel will prosper over them. As people are victimized, it leaves them suffering with physical and mental trauma. Attacking anyone takes a toll on them because in their minds they don’t know why any of it would happen to them.
Anyone can actually become a victim of hate crimes. These crimes take place as a result of a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity. Hate crimes also have a broader impact within communities than many other types of violent crimes or property crimes. Because they are motivated by bias, hate crimes are often intended to, and do, send a broader message of violent intolerance toward a broad class of people. The fact that the victims of such crimes are chosen based on characteristics such as their race or religion can cause all those in the community who share that characteristic to experience similar feelings of vulnerability and secondary victimization. The impact on the community, the fear of becoming a victim of violence can be nearly as debilitating as suffering through an actual crime. The message of intolerance that is communicated through a hate crime can have broadly disruptive social effects as well and can lead to a greater lack of trust of the authorities or cause tension between racial or religious communities ( No one, particular person is chosen to be the victim, but instead groups are targeted and acts of violence are carried out. A hate group...

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