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A Wonderful Voyage Essay

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In the summer of 2009,I was a rebelous teenage girl.All of my friends were going to the seaside in camps,or with other friends,but my parents did not let me to ge with them.I was very frustrated because of that,and I decide to take action.Me and two friends of mine made an incredible plan,we were going to lie to our parents that were going to a birthday at one boy,and we were going to stay a couple of days.
Fortunately for us,our parents did not suspected anything,and on the 25th of july we leaved for Costinesti.After a 6 hour trip,we finaly arrived at the seaside.The sky,the people,the fun vibe was all over me.I was in”paradise”.A funny looking woman told us that she has a house near the sea,for 50 lei ...view middle of the document...

Disco Ring was our first stop,the atmosphere was kind of dull,less than a half of the club was empty(it was 11:30).After that,we went to Tineretului,there was the real fun.We stayed in the line for a half an hour before we got it.The music was extremely loud,Connect-r was performing that night.We stayed near the bar because we did not had money to get a table.I remember that night because it was the first time I’ve dranked.I got a Pina Colada and I’ve danced all night.M and the girls we’re having the time of our lives,we felt so free,it was unreal.
At 5 a.m. we wanted to see the sunrise,so we went to the beach.On the road,we met with some friends from our town,they were very surprised to see me,they were aware of my strict parents.
One guy took all of his clothes off and jumped in the water.Soon,we all headed straight to the water,ignoring the fact that it was vold outside.Surprisingly,the water was warm.
We headed home,and we slept the entire day.The next day we visited the Constanta.We tooked the train and we did noy payed.We saw the old Casino and we remained impressed by the architecture.
We went back to the hostel,and we played poker and gossiped about our friends.I begun packing my stuff for the road back home.I was feeling independent,free,an unusual feeling for my 15 year old self.
We got in the train and we left for Targoviste,I was very sad to leave the seaside,a said goodbye to the blue sky and the beach,hoping to see it again next summer.I went home and only my grandmother was there,she asked if I enjoyed myself,I said of course,knowing in my mind that if she knew she would slap me.I was smiling because I’ve finaly got to go obver my parents word.

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