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Emily Dickinson was a young woman who lived during the 19th century. She was a normal lady like anyone else in our day—except that she never left her house or her room. During the days that she stayed in her room, Emily Dickinson wrote over 1,800 poems. Her poems varied from a bible verse she had read, to the intricate shape of a leaf. But during her time none of her work was published, because it was not common for a woman poet to be successful, which did not bother Dickinson, who in fact, did not want her work to be seen or published due to her fear of being misunderstood. It took over 50years for almost all of her works were published. In fact, when her works she became a well-known and ...view middle of the document...

As a young adult, Emily was very social and was constantly surrounded by close friends. She was often known to pull pranks on her family members and sneaking out of church (Sewall, 59). It was found that along with her sneaking out of church, she had a great indifference on whether or not to commit to the church or not. Through out the rest of her youth, she would battle this thought, but ultimately would not commit to the church.
Emily was a very social and intellectual person, so she didn’t have problems with learning at Amherst Academy. She studied many subjects ranging from History, Ancient History, Geography, Chemistry, Grammar, and Composition. But unfortunately, she was constantly sick, and had to miss a lot of school. At one point she was so sick, that her father called a carriage to pick her up and she had to stay out for the rest of the semester until she was better (Sewall, 360).
As Emily got older she became less and less social, and as years went by, she began turning away guest that came to visit her. In 1850, Emily’s close friend and mentor Leonard Humphrey died. This caused her to go into a deep depression and deeper into seclusion. It...

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