A Walk To Remember Essay

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Drew Centola
Mr. Watley
Theology I
21 November 2014
A Walk to Remember Summary
A Walk to Remember is a teenage romantic movie about a “bad boy” falling in love with a smart young women. The bad boy is Landen Carter while the young woman is Jamie Sullivan. Landen has a group of friends that make fun of Jamie but, in the middle of the movie Landen falls in love with Jamie during a play.
Let me start from the beginning of the movie. In the first part of the movie they have one of their new inductees “Walker” jumps from a stand about 50 feet from the air, he does a belly flop. When he hits the water he just floats there in the water and does not turn over for air. Then Landen climbs ...view middle of the document...

When Landen sees the picture he walks to Dean and punches him in the face. Dean says that they are through and then calls him, “You chicken shit.” After Landen punches Dean, he runs after Jamie to bring her home.

After the incident Landen ask Jamie’s father, Reverend Sullivan to have dinner with her. They go to a fancy restaurant, after they eat Jamie ask Landen to dance but, Landen turns her down because Landen can't dance. After Jamie keeps on beginning Landen to dance then he gives in from peer pressure. After they dance Jamie tells Landen that she has a wish list. After the dinner Landen makes some of her wish list come true.

The first wish that Landen makes to come true is that she is in to places at one time. He puts her on the state line between Virginia and North Carolina. After that her second wish was the get a tattoo. In Landen’s car he puts on a butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder. Then she said that her wish that she must complete is that she wants to get married where men mother went to church in.

When they were walking in an alley Jamie says that she is sick, Landen offers to take her home then Jamie tells him that she has Leukemia. Landen and Jamie get in a big huge fight that puts their relationship in a hep of trouble. After there fight Landen goes to his dad's house to see if he can help Jamie out. But, his father said that he can't help her because he is only a cardiologist. But, after they cool off the next morning...

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