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A View From The Bridge Dramatic Tension

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Miller clearly uses different aspects of his play "A View From The Bridge" to create dramatic tension.

His central character Eddie is the person around who has a great deal of conflict revolving around him. He creates a lot of tension and each scene of conflict becomes stronger than the one before.

Eddie has verbal conflict with all the characters at some point throughout the play. He deliberately arguments, for example, he questions the virtue of the wives of Italian immigrants, " I betcha there's plenty of surprises sometimes when those guys get back there heh?" Even Eddies' jokes are barbed and bitter. Eddie also has conflict within himself as he tries to handle his ...view middle of the document...

Eddie: No? Beatrice: No. But I got other worries. Eddie: Yeah. [He is already weakened] Beatrice: Yeah, you want me to tell you? Eddie: [In retreat] Why? What worries you got? Beatrice: When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?

Tension is increased in Act One when Eddie attempts to show Rodolpho how to box. We are aware of the tension through the reactions of other characters. Beatrice sees only friendly rivalry. Catherine is concerned about Rodolpho's safety. Marco sees Eddie's action as hostile and challenges him to a trial of strength, a chair lifting competition.

Unlike Eddie, Marco easily lifts the chair above his head and the audience is aware of the tension between them. As Eddie realises that Marco is warning him. In Act Two the tension is increased when Rodolpho advises Catherine to move away from Eddie, "Make a stranger out of him!" Eddie pleads with Catherine "Don't make me do nuttin' " But we also see this as a threat towards Rodulpho, even when Eddie is trying to be nice he can still come across as a nasty piece of work.

However the pair, Catherine and Rodolpho stick together and do not let Eddie get in the way of the feelings that are present. Rather than removing them from each other Eddie actually makes the pair stronger than before. Also the audience would be shocked when Eddie first kisses Catherine and then Rodolpho. When Eddie says "Don't make me do nuttin', Catherine," the audience senses that something terrible will happen as Eddie has now lost control. The audience are in suspense,...

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