A Trip To The Moon / Man With A Movie Camera / Meshes Of The Afternoon

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The films A Trip to the Moon, Man With a Movie Camera and Meshes of the Afternoon were all inventive pieces for their time. A Trip to The Moon (1902) was one of the first films to make a relationship between films and dreams. The story is about a group of men who take off to the moon, and get into some trouble with the natives and come back home. Some aspects of the film reminded me a lot of theatre, specifically that the camera never changes angles in the scenes, the sets were very two dimensional, and that the costumes were all very elaborate. However, this short film also featured forms of expression that was not available to other art forms, for example the animations. I was surprised at the quality ...view middle of the document...

Cinematically, this film featured a number of different types of shots including jump cuts and slow motion. One scene I found extremely artistic and creative was when the woman was walking across the room, yet with each step she is walking in a different place, for example the beach, then the street, then back into her own house. The cinematographer for this film used a number of creative camera shots, with the most impressive being the camera movement while the woman is walking up the stairs, and you feel like you too, are falling against the walls with her. There were also a few point of view shots, which I think are always neat.

The third movie we watch was Man With a Movie Camera, (1929), which was out of the three, my favorite piece. It was an artsy film that was described as "a stunning avant-garde, documentary meta-narrative that celebrates Soviet workers and filmmaking." The film uses radical editing styles, and brand new techniques and camera angles, making it a beautiful piece of art. The editing in this film is especially interesting, with split-screens, slow motion, fades and freeze-frames. The film anticipates many of the techniques used years later, and is considered a film that was way ahead of its time.

Out of the three films, I think that A Trip to The Moon was the most inventive for its time with all the use of transitions and animations. Also ahead of her time years later Maya Deren made Meshes of the Afternoon, which used trick photography, repetition, a swaying camera and was one of the first to make a "dream-film."

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