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A Trip To Spain Essay

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Throughout life, many of us have had an opportunity to visit different places, so memorable that we cannot avoid sharing the experience with our friends and family members. During holidays, family members or groups of people would always want to go on vacations but unfortunately, they simply have no idea on how to plan for their vacations. This is a plan for a vocational trip of 25 people to Spain. It includes places to visit and accommodation during the vacation.
Day of Arrival
Taking a British Airways economy class flight from New York to Spain costs roughly $ 870. We will use the economy class in order to save cash to spend while exploring Spain and for hotel bookings. Spain is a big ...view middle of the document...

This is a just a great place to stroll and take pictures with the natives, Pueblos Blancos has beautiful sceneries of white painted houses. The site of the flats is very beautiful when watched from a distance and people here live a descent life despite the fact that they are not well off. We choose this place because we want to know how the natives live in this land. Moreover, it is a good place where one can buy souvenirs that are handmade by the people living in Pueblos Blancos- Andalucia. It is also a good place we will buy necklaces and earrings and bracelets to take home.
In Pueblos Blancos- Andalucia, there is a nice hotel with local Spanish delicacies named Benalmadena publo and this is the place we will take our lunch. After taking lunch here, we will head to the famous Alhambra which is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Many tourists around the world always travel to Spain just to see this place. The place is a admirable with streams of water and the sounds of birds makes it more beautiful and most visited place in Spain and we cannot miss going there. Se shall take the train back to the hotel just to enjoy and admire what Mother Nature has given to the people of Spain.
Day 3
On day three, after breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the The Volcanic views of Mount Teide Tenerife. It is a good place of hiking and since we like hiking, we will spend the rest of the day there. Not to mention, we will have to carry enough water and beverages since we will need them. Mountain climbing is very interested even though at times, it’s a little scary and we will take a lot of pictures here. We will make sure that we have tour guide in order to avoid gong to danger zones and take the right paths. Not to forget, we will carry a lot of snacks as there will be no food on the mountain and Spanish chicken burgers are the best. We will leave the place before dark to avoid attack from animals. We will still take a train to Alberta just to enjoy the trip. Having a hot shower is the best thing to do as we wait for supper. Take a good sleep as we wait to explore the beautiful land of Spain for the fourth day where we will visit the Vivanco Dynasty Museum of Wine Culture.
Day 4
As usual,...

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