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A Tough World Essay

917 words - 4 pages

Diana Rojas
Professor DR. Niamatali
Essay #2

A tough world

As a ten year old you can say or think that life as this age is just about having fun, making friends, getting your homework done and at least pretend to do you shores at home. But not for me when I was ten years old I have lots of responsibilities on my shoulders, and I thought the world was extremely tough.
My mother just like any another mother in the world trying to give us the best of the world, making sure we all had what we need to be successful in life and making sure that we always have food in our plate. Until the age of seven we can say we were the happiest family in the world, we had everything we needed and we had ...view middle of the document...

Now is time for you help I need to help me around the house while I work.
I though to my self this cannot be that bad and I’m going to be helping my mom as the week began I was in charge of my two youngest siblings. I was to make breakfast, feed them and help them get ready for school. After school I was suppose help them with homework, cook dinner and get them ready for bed. As time went by we did not see my mother us much we spend no time with her at all. All we have of her was a goodnight kiss after she came back from work and when the morning came and we woke up she was already gone.
After a few months I turn 10 years old and I barely notice as I thinks everyone else might have forgotten it was my birthday. We were all so busy with life and the situation that we where going thru. My bother and sister where good at listening, but I had a very hard time to get them to work with me something and I had to be hard with them and sometimes I had to punish them. Which makes me believe that is the reason why they started hating me. Our bother sister relationship begin to deteriorate and my sister begin to see me as her mother, because when ever my mom was around she would not...

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