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A Thematic Essay About How Religon Has Affected The World And History

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Throughout history many national choices have been affected by certain factors. One of these factors is religion or philosophy. Religion has greatly effected nations' people and government. Each religion or philosophy affects different countries and people. They have different beleifs and philosophy. Religion or philosophy has also greatly affected the ideas of people. 3 major religions or philosophy which accuratley portrait these affects of religion are, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Animism.First of all Confucianism, a major system of philosophy, or ideas of brought on from Confusius, a extremely influential Chinese philosopher, and his disciples. Confucianism mostly and probably only practiced in China. Since Confucianism is not officially a religion, China, being a communist countryprefer a non-religious beleif. Communism ...view middle of the document...

Confusianism has affected the lives of its followers because it helps support the idea of communism. If China wasn't influenced by confusianism than there would probably be more acts of defying against the government. However when they grow up with this idea, they learn to support their government.Another major religion is Buddhism, a religion in which one gains "enlightenment" in order to reach nirvana. The process of becoming enlightened is to give up all humanly desires. Buddhism Greatly affects the Eastern-Asia region, starting from the traditional Buddhism beleifs to the Zen-Buddhism,a combination of Buddhism and Taoism, in Japan. Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from was born in Lumbini, India. Siddhartha Gautama or "Buddha" was a prince who lived in a private city, sheltered from all the evils of life and lived in luxury. When he got out into the world he saw all the poverty, disease, and famine. This made him decide to renounce all his earthly attachments and embark on a quest for "enlightenment". The main belief of Buddhism is that in order to gain the status of enlightenment you must give up all earthly desires and respect all factors of life. Nirvana is a state of nothingness, where hatred, greed, and ignorance are non-existent. One can only reach Nirvana by being enlightened and having good "karma", the force generated by a person's actions. Buddhism affects it's followers because it sets a certain order of life in which many people follow. The belief in karma encourages citizens to respect all aspects of nature to form a peaceful society.All in all, religion may be the most important factor in the world up to date. Religion has been around for as long as civilization and it helps to guide people in their quest of life and greatly influences many aspects of society. Not one religion is better than the other and it seems the most important part of religion is to give human's something to follow and give a sense of being.

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