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A Taste Of The Big City Life

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A taste of the big city life
An article about advantages and disadvantages in the big city.

Development and speed. These are the two words that best describes the big city life for me. Development, because you are in a constant move in your life in every second. You meet new people every day. You learn and you fail. The pressure, can you handle it? It is all about pressure and the speed, the last word, speed. I could say it over and over again. I love it. I love the speed in the daily life, and how quick it all goes. Cars are everywhere. Big, small, blue, green, red, brown, yellow, and you name it. And not to mention the people. There are people all over the place, in every direction and in every corner. There are all kinds of people, and none of ...view middle of the document...

Once I missed my train at the metro. I thought that I would have to wait for a new train for approximately 20-30 minutes, but within a blink of an eye a new one were already there to take me to the exact same destination as the previous train. I was speechless. How could that be possible? Later I found out that thousands of people were using the metro to the same destinations all the time, but still in a blink of an eye? Amazing.
Actually I want to add a new word for the description of the big city. And that word is crime. One of the big disadvantages in the city of New York. Crime in a small town is very rare and when something big happens everyone knows within a couple of hours. In the big city it is just the opposite. It is everywhere. You do not see it, but you know it is out there. When I lived in the city I saw tons of robberies in small stores and a single murder. The murder was actually also committed in small store, but it was just a tiny disagreement between two black men. The people involved was not freaked out about is or something. This was daily life for them, which I mean is a sadly way to life your valuable life.
I used to take long walks at the Times Square. That sight was wonderful. All the colors on the big walls pushed into you and all those sun yellow caps in your view for miles and miles. Wow. I took myself wondering. Are the big cities really those good compared to smaller towns? The advantages say it all. It really is.
In conclusion; the American big city dream smells funny but depending on who you are, you might like the smell.

By Kevin Dahl Brøndum – The Sun
Published 10.03.2011.

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