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A Study On Skin Care Essay

1161 words - 5 pages


1. Name :

2.Age in Years : (Please Tick your age group)

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3.Marital Status: (Please √) Unmarried Married

4.Educational Qualification

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6.Monthly Family Income in Rupees: (Please √)
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1. Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements that best describe
your feeling toward your favorite brand by ticking the relevant column for
each factor causing brand loyalty towards skin care products.

No. | Factor/s Causing/determining Brand Loyalty | Strongly agree | Agree | Undecided | Disagree | StronglyDisagree |
1.a) | Brand Name -I repeatedly purchase the same brand of skincare product because :The Brand is wellreputed and the prestigious brand Image as well itspopularity induce me to buy it repeatedly | | | | | |
b) | The brand name is easyto pronounce and the name and symbol areattractive and easy toremember | | | | | |
c) | It Reflects my ownpersonality | | | | | |
2.a) | Product Quality-The brand offers goodquality of products | | | | | |
b) | The products of thebrand match my skin- type | | | | | |
c) | A wide range ofproducts are offered under the samebrand name | | | | | |
d) | The products do notcontain harmful chemicals | | | | | |
3.a) | Price -The brand provides goodvalue for money | | | | | |
b) | The increased price ofthe brand is due to superior quality so Ido not mind paying ahigher price for it | | | | | |
c) | The brand offersrequired discounts at regular intervals | | | | | |

4.a) | Promotion -The advertisements of the brand are attractive | | | | | |
b) | Advertisements of thebrand attract me to purchase morefrequently | | | | | |
c) | The brand is specificallypromoted | | | | | |
d) | Special Discounts areavailable on the brand | | | | | |
e) | The sales staff of thebrand/store is knowledgeable and well trained | | | | | |
f) | Of Recommendations/Testimonials of those who are already usingthe brand. | | | | | |
5.a) | Distribution-The brand has goodstore locations which are easy to access | | | | | |
b) | The brand has sufficientoutlets | | | | | |
c) | The brand is widelyavailable in stores | | | | | |
6.a) | Packaging andLabeling -The packaging of the branded products is well done and attractive | | | | | |
b) | There are clearinstructions on the package regarding itscontents and productapplication | | | | | |
c) | The Brand offers optionsof various convenient to use packages | | | | | |

3.2. Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements that best describe the reasons for changing the brand of your skin-care products, by ticking the relevant column for each factor causing Brand Switching

No. | Factor/s causingBrand Switching | Opinion |
| | Strongly agree | Agree | Undecided | Disagree | StronglyDisagree |
1. | In my opinion thereasons /factors that are responsible for changing my brand of skin-care products are :Price Discounts offered by other brand/s | | | | | |
2. | Desire to tryDifferent Brands | | | | | |
3. | Recommendations ofFriends,...

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