A Study On Elements Of Feed Water Slurry Pump Seal Damage And Pump Mechanical Seal Watch

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Refers for the Medium slurry pump installation and operation of mechanical seals for pumps in pump the dynamic sealing device inside the device, stay away from the fluid by way of the pump volute pump shaft out.

Pumps outside of a components; due to the fact pumps additional for conveying fluid media, has level installed, and high speed, and higher pressure, and with strong particles, and erosion sexual powerful, features, so resistance erosion liquid Xia pump with machinery sealed primary material usually demands against strong particles of flush impact, and high speed brings of sealed surface higher temperature abrasion, and high pressure brings of sealed parameter not not mess, and ...view middle of the document...

Also exists within the liquid puts the pump mechanical seal style, selection, installation, fair adequate.

(1) sump pump spring compressed quantity need to be demarcated, mentioned no too significant or also little, error 2mm, compress as well much raise the surface stress, excessive friction heat, causing pump sealing surface and accelerate the end of thermal deformation and wear, also modest a compression message loop end surface stress significantly less than, it cannot be sealed.

(two) set up pump ring sealing ring axis or sleeve end and set up the stationary ring sealing ring sealing gland or shell end chamfer and light, so as not to bruise the message loop when the Assembly seal.

Sump pump mechanical seal is in itself a requirement of high precision components, style, machining, Assembly, high quality has a very higher demand. Though functioning within the mechanical seal, sump pump should be analysed employing different factors of mechanical seal, sump pump mechanical seals collection for any selection of pump technologies to qijiang employing media demands sufficient lubrication and premise, Liquid slag slurry pump seal so as to assure the long-term reliable operation.

Repair by opening compact turbine and pump coupling, to 180 small machine, water pump fixed. Launched soon after a small turbine turning coupling apart, to relaunch the little turbine, the largest pain-33m, just after a 10m. After overhaul, 1 is a steam pump couplings with modest machines packed again 1 a steam pump, input tray, max degree of pain 40m, soon fell to about 12m. Groups launch a steam pump, steam pump low pressure side mechanical seal damage, shaft finish includes a great deal of water out manually 1A small turbine tripped. View discovery: for fixing the broken 3 pin 2 of your stationary ring, stationary ring joints cracked really hard graphite stationary ring information and facts. Ring joints with the stationary ring of the similar fragments tungsten carbide on facts. Outer edge with the collar sink and also the inner ring from the mechanical seal housing wear really serious with one another supplies are made from stainless steel. Ring Cap screw is loose.

Major causes from the incidents in the above incidents, disposal immediately after the attack method and portion is broken, the principal reason for trouble will be the following points. Automobile crash fixed according to the factors for viewing situation, ring outer put on grim parts as shown in detail, the rotor disk is just not the primary explanation is rings and mechanical seal rings stuck to each other in the case. Operation operation depending on evaluation, prematurely stopped turning, early discharge and pump gas for a long time pump discharge under typical conditions...

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