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A Student And Community Resource Essay

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23 Oct. 2012
A Student and Community Resource
Students are not the only people that benefit from the Testing and Tutoring center. COCC’s Testing and Tutoring center is a charter member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers, providing the Central Oregon community with secure and reliable testing. Located down stairs in the Barber Library, the Testing and Tutoring Center is providing students with a valuable free service. Many students know that tutoring is available for subjects like math or writing, but many students are unaware of all of the different subjects they can receive tutoring for. Many students have taken advantage of the Tutoring Center services, receiving help before ...view middle of the document...

Along with their prospective duties, they are there to help with any questions students may have about scheduling an appointment, or about how to best use the Tutoring Center.
Many students know writing and math are common subjects that students seek tutoring for, but the center also provides tutoring for almost any class provided on campus. Imagine tutoring for aviation or forestry, or even foreign languages. Students shouldn’t count on receiving tutoring for weight training or rugby though.
Many students have taken advantage of the Tutoring Center services long before their grades started to suffer. Far too many students feel, if they have to ask for help, they are inadequate. They keep plugging along trying to understand what has been asked of them, stressing and worrying about it, until they finally admit to themselves that they need help. By then, they have turned in many assignments that they could have done much better on if they would have just sought out help sooner. The students who have used the tutoring center say their general experience was, “very helpful” and the Tutoring Center has a, “laid back” atmosphere. Many of the students achieved higher grades after seeking help from the Tutoring Center.
The Testing Center is also a valuable resource for students. While enrolled as a student, if the unthinkable happens and a student misses an exam, they can request their instructor to allow them to take a make-up exam in the Testing Center. Students shouldn’t rely on the make-up exam option, because not all instructors will allow it. Students planning on entering the Nursing program need to take the “Nursing Program Admissions Testing” (TEAS). This test is done in the Testing Center, online, and the results are available immediately. As a graduate of a certificate program, like accounting or medical billing, the certification exams are available to take in the Testing Center. This...

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