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A Student Essay

781 words - 4 pages

by Ngoni Doma

Explain ways of making your presentation appealing to and catch the full attention of your audience using Ms Powerpoint.Use examples in your answer.
Ms Powerpoint as a presentation software,it has the ability to combine text,sound,video and graphics and therefore releasing a quality presentation.For an Ms Powerpoint presentation to be more appealing the user has to do some of the following ways:
It is crucial to know the purpose of your presentation and helps to plan it out in some detail pertaining to your objective.Therefore as part of your planning it is crucial to understand your audience before you design the presentation,this ...view middle of the document...

Powerpoint makes it reasonably simple for you to add sound effects and songs to your presentation this makes it more attractive.You could add a little sound to mark the start of the new your presentation top and give audience members a break while you’re passing out materials,or to play in the background while a pool of images displays on your slides.
Proffesional mix up is of great importance so as to make sure that the presentation is well organised and do not overdo it so that it may not confuse the audience.Timing of the presentation must be favourable so that most of the audience gets a chance to read everything on the slide hence having a chance to understand the meaning.

2) I Ms Word,describe how you would do the following:
a)Insert an Ms Excel Worksheet
-Launch the M s Excel and click the workbook you want to work on
-Choose the workbook to insert the worksheet
-Click insert Worksheet tab at the bottom of the screen or
-Press “shift-F11’ to insert a new worksheet

b) Insert picture clip from file in a document
-Place your insertion point,where you want the image to settle
--Select the insert tab
-Clip the picture,and move on the pointer command in the...

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