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A Storm Gathering Essay

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A Storm Gathering

A Thursday night in Sudan Malik a Doctor educated from the university of Khartoum, is laying in his charpoy, feeling disembodied, as his bodily feelings has left him. We are told some of the things that has been happening throughout the week, mostly sad things such as the army accidentally killing nomads etc. Malik is unfortunately unable to pay his staff in cash, he has run out of medicine and is therefore unable to cure the people he promised to help and so it goes on. That night a female doctor arrives without much medicine, as she is just there to inspect the work that Malik is carrying out, and to inspect the nearby villages, when what they really need is Medicine and food. Malik is looked very badly upon as his effort is not helping, and he broke his promise. The next day the female doctor drives off to inspect the ...view middle of the document...

The Female doctor seems as she wants to help, but in her way, which is probably the way regulations prescribe, things will go to slow and human lives will be wasted. I also think she might want to study up on traditions and how things work in the places she go, as her way to act is very embarrassing to Malik and all Muslim men she might come across. That is why I don´t like the way she acts it seems as she is unaware of how important it is that helps gets out in time. The story does not tell us if she has given the village chief of Burush wrong medicine and by that killed him, but he dies the same day as she visits him, and as some native Africans is very superstitious we are likely to believe that they think she did.

Fellow volunteers, I think I speak on behalf of everyone with an interest in the well being of their fellow man, when I say thank you for aiding us and the people in need. Before you leave I will remind you that the people who need your help will not necessarily, welcome you with open arms as they have been deceived before by their kinsmen who claimed that their revolution and civil wars was to the benefit of everyone, and as the hate to western countries and Christianity is indoctrinated in some African nations due to their religion. And do not expect this to be a walk in the park, delivering medicine and food can be difficult as the infrastructure of the countries is in just as badly if not worse condition than its inhabitants. Despite all this there is no doubt that the people in need will be forever grateful for your help. I would also like to remember you all before taking off that aid and interest in African nations has become scarce as nations have poured billions into Africa, thinking it has given no results, which I very untrue, that is why I want you to tell everyone you know how you have helped native Africans.

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