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A Small Place Essay

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Fundamental Theme of "A Small Place" Antigua is a small place and A Small Place is Antigua. A small place where once upon a time there was darkness and misery. The people who live there now are haunted by their past and imprisoned by their future. Not long after Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Antigua, it was settled by Europeans. The Europeans, as said by Jamaica Kincaid, "used, enslaved and exalted human beings from Africa to satisfy their desire for wealth and power, to feel better about their own miserable existence"¦"¦"¦.Antiguans are the descendants of those noble exalted people, the slaves." And I believe that still, after all ...view middle of the document...

A place away from responsibilities, obligations, bothersome neighbors, and the same old scenery. A place on this earth that can be considered nothing less than a tropical paradise, where warm waters, brilliant skies, magnificent weather, and happiness are what dominate.But what about the Antiguans? Do you think they feel the same way? Doubtfully.To them Antigua is the place where responsibility and obligation begins. To survive, the people must work and you can bet they don't have the kind of high paying job that you do. While you are enjoying their land and taking in their sun, they are working their land and tolerating their sun. They long for a change of scenery just the way you do. It's difficult for them to understand why you would even want to visit the very place they want to get away from.I think the way Jamaica Kincaid feels about her home is mixed. She understands the natural wonder of a place like Antigua but cannot relate to many of the happenings that take place there. She may be Antiguan, but she often expresses dislike for many things Antiguan, especially the government and the attitudes of the people. The way she described the beauty of Antigua was almost loving, telling us in her own words: "Sometimes the beauty of it seems unreal." She described the days and the nights, the skies and the waters, and the incredible colors that they could take on, that you could only see in Antigua with so much enthusiasm and heartfelt meaning. In spite of all this, she expresses a lot of rage and frustration; it's difficult to see where she's really coming from.

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