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A Simple Solution Essay

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A Simple Solution
Many people complain about exercise being boring or painful. The simple answer to those excuses is different exercise activities to find one that is enjoyable. Exercise does so many great things for the body that one may not be aware of. Society says that one must exercise to fulfill a healthy life. What society does not explain is why exercising is so important for maintaining a healthy life. Exercise is important for relieving stress, managing and maintaining a healthy weight, and treating or preventing life-threatening conditions.
First, exercise is an extremely effective stress reliever. Life can be frustrating and certain situations may build up feelings of anger ...view middle of the document...

Energy is measured in calories, and calories are what fuel the body. Weight is determined by the number of calories taken in each day minus what the body uses. Everything contains calories and in order to sleep, breathe, and digest food, calories are needed. When we exercise, our bodies require more energy and our metabolism increases in order to supply it. It is crucial that eating healthy is a part of our everyday lifestyle, and should not deprive the body of the nutrients needed to function. Examples of running, jogging, swimming and weight lifting are just a few of the many forms of exercise that would help maintain and manage weight. One will usually notice a stronger more energized body as a result of these activities.
Finally, of all the reasons why exercing is important, the long-lasting benefits of preventing life-threatening diseases are the most valuable. Regular running, walking, or another type of aerobic exercise that makes one’s heart beat faster, can help prevent heart disease and stroke by...

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